Anime World Order Show # 144 – If We Edit Nothing, An Episode Can Come Out This Month

The following episode contains zero edits whatsoever to remove microphone pops, crosstalk, dead air, us saying “um” / “y’know” / clearing our throats constantly, or in any way make the listening experience palatable or enjoyable. There are times we said “we’ll put that in afterwards” in which that does not occur. Releasing a podcast on Leap Day has that sort of effect.

Introduction (0:00 – 26:00)
In the emails we talk about important issues, such as how the Ninja Slayers novels compare to the animation, the mad unbridled genius that is Tetsuya Saruwatari, and somehow…Type Moon visual novels?! One of these things is not like the other!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (26:00 – 29:27)
Listen. There is no time to edit this down to typical ad length. Not when the sale this week is for Discotek stuff. Time is of the essence.

Review: Initial D…technically 4th Stage, but in actuality the entirety of Initial D from now until the heat death of the universe (29:27 – 2:02:32)
So. We reviewed Initial D. It was one of the things that the Twitch stream requested we do. The result is no doubt exactly what the requester predicted. After this, I do not foresee people sending in donations to have us review other things outside of the backlog of what we are owed, especially since no editing took place whatsoever. So be it.

Anime World Order Show # 137 – Open the Box! Open the Box! Open the Box!

After missing an entire month, we have returned. It seemed only fitting that after being that late on an episode, Clarissa review a series that’s entirely about doing precisely that: the recently concluded Shirobako.

Introduction (0:00 – 48:20)
It’s May, so to prove how timely we are we respond to not one but TWO emails sent to us in May…2014. One has to do with everyone’s favorite least favorite topic, bad anime for group viewing purposes. But the landscape has changed between when we first started this podcast NINE YEARS AGO and today. What’s the deal with Americans in anime (F YEAH!)? And why’s it so hard to represent anime online without coming across as a freak, anyway? Why doesn’t anime seem to be truly integrated into the modern geek monoculture? The answer requires we don glasses and start drawing incomprehensible flowcharts on a chalkboard. At some point we recount our times at Florida Anime Experience 2015 as well as Clarissa’s guest appearance on the Pseudo-Random Podcast for anime/manga. Actually, her episode isn’t out just yet. BUT SOMEDAY.

Review: Shirobako (48:20 – 1:26:19)
It’s anime about making anime, only this time nobody’s being bloodily murdered at their desk and the mad automotive races to the studio contain sick drifts instead of Shonen Bat. GO EAT KRISPY KREMES, YOU KRISPY KREME MOTHERFUCKERS.

We don’t know what the next episode will be about, but it will definitely NOT be about R*botech. The less we talk about that, the better a chance it can cease to exist. Warner Brothers is already helping us along in this aspect, as the official website has been offline for the last three weeks. THANKS, WARNER BROTHERS! PS: go see Mad Max: Fury Road also known as Doomsday 2: Fury Road, which is shaping up to be one of this year’s “Daryl Surat genre” films.