Anime World Order Show # 188 – Instructions for How to Summon Cerberus From Your Butt Was a Phrase Spoken in T-T-TWENTY SIXTEEN

We give our thoughts on the virtual anime convention Anime Lockdown, and then the Decade In Review continues on as we get to 2-2-2016!!!! NOTE: this episode was recorded several weeks ago, and so we did not talk about the recent passing of ANN’s Zac Bertschy, but if you wish to do so there is a call for speakers for his online memorial this Friday. For those wishing to hear his final guest appearance on our show, that was in our most recent trivia episode, Show # 182 from November. We’ve added a Trivia category on the right hand side of this site for ease of access.

Introduction (0:00 – 37:40)
By coincidence, we open Show 188 by talking about Area 88, which Daryl reviewed back in Show 4 which probably hasn’t aged well as far as usage of once-contemporary Internet humor is concerned since that episode was from about fourteen years ago, back in 2006. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in even more anime series going on hiatus, even though Tokyo has lifted the state of emergency about a week earlier than projected. Unlike the US, they will reinstate their state of emergency if new confirmed cases go above 50. (Over here, the amount of new confirmed cases only continues to rise yet states are ordering reopenings to avoid paying out unemployment.) We ruminate for a bit about the possible sale of Crunchyroll to Sony, and then discuss our experience attending the virtual convention Anime Lockdown. Between this recording and the next we will have attended a few other virtual conventions, but Lockdown will serve as our baseline measuring stick. Daryl was a guest on the Ani-Gamers podcast where this was discussed in greater detail.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (37:40 – 40:09)
Some fans express jubiliation at the idea of Crunchyroll being sold to Sony, because then everything would be owned by FUNimation. We express hesitance at the idea of any one company owning too much. That said, FUNimation does already have a massive chunk of the Blu-Ray and DVD rights to anime series released in the US, and since there’s currently a FUNimation sale going on that means tons of titles are on sale for up to 60% off. We recommend Red Photon Zillion even though it’s temporarily out of stock as of this posting. Don’t worry; it’s not out of print! YET.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2-2-2-2016~! (40:09 – 3:00:14)

We heard that Ghana meme videos are all the rage right now in 2020! No doubt it’s this one. Even when you edit out the 40 minutes of crutch words, it still took 2 hours and 20 minutes for us to get through the notable highlights of 2016, which just might have been the strongest single year of the entire 2010s. Still, there were so many titles released (nearly 400!) that we’re sure to have missed something major (and to think, we were actually present for the Cannon Busters pilot screening that year). Anyway, if you have any thoughts on any of the titles mentioned or wish to point out any titles you consider worthy of mention that we did not, by all means let’s have it in the comments. And no, we did not forget to mention Galko-chan:
But sometimes Galko-chan forgets:

Anime World Order Show # 186 – We All Self-Quarantine Ourselves Anyway

The last episode was supposed to come out in February but didn’t come out until March, so in order to make up for lost time we are double-dipping and continuing on with THE DECADE IN REVIEW~!, as we look back on the year 2015. This is quite a task, considering that a year’s worth of world events seem to have already happened between January 2020 and March 2020 alone.

Introduction (0:00 – 21:26)
Following up on where we ended last episode, we talk about some of the anime-related things that have been canceled or postponed since the last time we released an episode. It’s because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. As a disclaimer: this was recorded weeks ago, and the situation has dramatically changed since we talked about this (and will continue to change).

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (21:26 – 23:32)
We understand that several million people are now unemployed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (including some of us), so if you need to delete your Patreon pledges or minimize non-essential purchases then absolutely do so. But if you have the financial means and you are realizing that the Crunchyroll and Netflix (and Youtube, and Twitch, and…) servers can’t reliably deliver 1080p streams on account of all the simultaneous users, consider some physical media purchases to get you through this time. Right Stuf is–for now, anyway–still open, and still shipping media orders in a timely fashion. If you order through Amazon, they may take a month to get to filling that order.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2015 (23:32 – 2:39:59)
Oh I’m sorry, do you have something BETTER to do with your free time other than listen to us reminisce about titles of note from 2015? Bearing in mind that these titles are listed IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE, such that the biggest, most memorable, most notable thing may not be mentioned first or last? Or at all? No. No, we didn’t think so. Anyway, there are so many freaking shows now so if we either missed something or grossly mis-characterized the truth about a title that was mentioned, let’s hear it in the comments.