Anime World Order Show # 198 – We Can’t See That He Is a Pioneer, Unlocking the Greatest Mysteries

Yeah, yeah, we missed releasing this in March. But hey, it means that we can talk about the anime that just ended, and what’s about to start! In this episode, Gerald reviews the 1992 3-part OAV series Green Legend Ran.

Introduction (0:00 – 34:55)
We were going to play a voicemail this episode to encourage others to send in voicemails of their own, but we had to talk about some things, such as the potentially promising new anime series of the season–hard to tell what’s good or bad based on a trailer/first episode, but we’ll try–what shows we just finished watching, that whole Tokyo Babylon anime debacle, and more. Also, if you hadn’t heard, the original film for Project A-Ko was finally found after decades. Turns out it was just misfiled! What’s next, a US release of Macross? Yeah, like that’d ever happ–actually, that didn’t occur as of the time this was recorded. NEXT TIME, BABY.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (34:55 – 39:05)
The clock is ticking to preorder the shojo classic Dear Brother on Blu-Ray. This is a shorter license than usual; about one year’s time, after which the series won’t be available to purchase (or stream…again). There’s no Cosmo DNA to bail us out of this one, so get what you can while you can. Incidentally, if you’re looking to pull the trigger on any manga purchases, such as the Cardcaptor Sakura hardcover editions, you probably want to do so ASAP since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in print media demand–manga especially–as well as a shortage of printing labor. Reprints of anything will be taking longer than usual to occur as a result.

Review: Green Legend Ran (39:05 – 1:42:36)
Gerald reviews this largely forgotten and vaguely remembered OAV series from 1992, overshadowed as a result of being released just a few months after Tenchi Muyo!, which was one of the signature anime for otaku of the 1990s. This does however require us to spend about 15 minutes talking about these things called “laserdiscs” before we get into the series itself. Truth be told, neither Daryl nor Clarissa had any concrete recollection of anything that happened in this series whatsoever despite both of them having seen it forever ago. With the series now available on demand courtesy of the anime streaming site HiDive, does Green Legend Ran stand the test of time? One thing that definitely did is Gerald’s old collector’s edition set!

No, this is NOT a laserdisc box! This is in fact Gerald’s VHS box set containing all three tapes. Let’s open it up!
Pioneer releases are highly sought after for their extras to this day. Not pictured: the T-shirt which may or may not have been in 5XL.
THERE’S THE T-SHIRT–er, oh yes, and also the TAPES!
Maybe THIS is what the director meant when he said “pay attention to Ran’s character development.”
More really nice extras included in the set. We actually did not make even a single joke about that Tinkerbell dress in this episode. It took restraint.
Pioneer commissioned original artwork for their LD/box set releases. You can see from Ran’s pose up there why we thought of Future Boy Conan. HE EVEN SMOKES CIGARETTES.

Anime World Order Show # 196 – Let’s Stop Those Jerks From Abandoning Love

It’s our Sweet Sixteenth year of podcasting! To celebrate, Daryl decides we need more Ken Ishikawa so we review 1989’s Kyomu Senshi Miroku. But we think it’s probably Kyomu Senki Miroku? Whatever, you’ll surely be hearing about this from the YouTubers soon enough.

Introduction (0:00 – 30:21)
We kick off year sixteen of AWO by catching up on what we’ve been watching, which leads to some conversation and speculations regarding the Sony buyout of Crunchyroll from AT&T that is hopefully less anger-inducing to Justin Sevakis than the one he heard on YouTube with the 750K views. We observe that a ton of the new anime this season is NOT on Crunchyroll…and that nobody’s really talking about those shows. The anime landscape is undergoing yet another shift, but it’ll most likely be a year before the major changes become evident to us industry outsiders.

    • Anime Specific, the new podcast from Regan of Anime82 and Dane from Anime Pacific we were talking about
    • There is in fact a standard edition Blu-Ray release of Demon Slayer courtesy of FUNimation. Here’s Volume 1, and here’s Volume 2.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (30:21 – 33:08)
The 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Bartender is finally out, so you can see for yourselves that there’s more to “iyashikei” anime than young girls eating cake. You can also have young LADIES drinking BOOZE. Or old dads…drinking BOOZE. We’re just saying, it’s a broad umbrella term. You can also preorder your Cyber City Oedo 808 Blu-Ray, though most of the healing in that comes from throwing cyber vampires out into the cold blackness of space, causing them to decompress but then recompress. See? It’s healing.

Review: Kyomu Senshi Miroku or as we insist, Kyomu Senki Miroku (30:21 – 1:29:57)
I believed you were different? I hoped you were different! What started off as a casual name drop from Blacotaku1 in Show 194 has given rise to what lies before you now. We recommend you listen to Show 184 first before listening to this (and that in turn recommended you listen to Show 165 first, as our ongoing ploy to keep you listening to us), but really this is the spiritual successor to Show 54 because that was when Gerald reviewed Black Lion by Go Nagai. Well, Ken Ishikawa took a look at Black Lion and said “pfft, that’s nothing” as Ken Ishikawa would do when looking at everything Go Nagai did. The result is this six episode onslaught of NINJANIGANS, and you’re either not ready to handle it or years of listening to AWO have steeled your resolve.