Bonus – All We Want For Christmas is to Answer Emails and Get Angry

Not only is this is not actually an episode proper since all we do is answer emails, but it’s also several weeks late, so if you’ve never heard us before, don’t start by listening to this one, okay? We were supposed to put this up during the Christmas/New Year’s hiatus, but then the entire project got corrupted and the whole thing had to be hastily re-edited and processed. As a result, the first 30 minutes or so may sound like we recorded this in a tin can. Also, there is no music at the beginning or end.

Introduction (0:00 – 5:00)
We’re too lazy for exact times this week. It’s not really enough to be a news segment proper, but this thread on the Anime on DVD forums states that the Dirty Pair novels will be released in English later this year. Plus, after seeing how nobody bought the previous Internet anime fan darling Azumanga Daioh, this website/video has been created by Kadokawa/Bandai in the hopes of appealing to Internet people. There’s also a Myspace page because Myspace is the HIP way to market what you’re selling now!

The rest of the time is spent answering emails. Here’s a basic outline.

5:00- 14:00 or so: A 14 year-old fan writes in regarding her thoughts on showing Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo to people as their first anime, why she hasn’t bought the uncut Naruto DVD set, and how Moon Phase.

14:00 – 23:20: We’re informed of some more recent horror anime titles we neglected to mention when we were trying to think of horror anime titles. There’s not a whole lot of them, and we pontificate as to why that is. Somehow Gantz gets mentioned. Also, Clarissa is recommended to watch Soukou no Strain.

23:20 – 31:00: Which DVDs we saw this year had the best extras for our money? The discussion turns towards box sets and thinpaks and the shenanigans surrounding those and extras.

31:00 – 32:00: We’re asked our opinion on our thoughts between Kujibiki and Kujibiki Unbalance. Since we totally do not care about this, we didn’t realize this was the question being asked of us.

32:00 – 35:30: What are our thoughts on the Welcome to the NHK anime (and other things can be answered by checking our Review Index)?

35:30 – 50:20: What advice can we offer that’ll save three would-be anime club officers from joining the ranks of the types of anime fans we find annoying? After much discussion, we conclude that the answer is “not a whole lot, actually.”

50:20 – 56:20: We’re directed to a Livejournal post by one of Tokyopop’s translators outlining the guidelines she follows when translating manga.

56:20 – 1:04:30: We’re informed that we’re [still] the Worst Podcast EVER since the writer’s local high school anime club preferred watching Prefectural Earth Defense Force over Fullmetal Alchemist. However, Fist of the North Star is indeed awesome, no matter what Clarissa says. Also, does Osamu Tezuka hate women or something? We’re thinking no considering the time his stories were written and the fact that he created Princess Knight, which laid the ground for shojo in general.

1:04:30 – 1:08:50: Keith from Teleport City writes in to ask us when we’re going to talk about The Nish’s other grand accomplishment besides Blue Noah and Odin (and something or other called Space Battleship Yamato) , Overfiend. Seeing that 80% of the people who come to this site do so mistakenly while searching for porn, we conclude that Gerald had best get to it.

1:08:50 – 1:09:30: Chris “Robotech Master” Meadows of rec.arts.anime fame, more recent known for his Castle of Cagliostro commentary track, has a talkcast called Space Station Liberty. If you can’t tell from the name, then it’s probably not the talkcast for you! It’s all about Robotech, and he’s been doing interviews with a lot of those Harmony Gold USA guys as of late. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s asked them to sing the Goldwing theme song, BUT HE SHOULD. On Friday, January 12th, he’s having a live interview with Chase Masterson, who was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and is in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which is being released by Funimation. Anyway, head on over there at 10:00 PM EST and listen in live, or call in with your questions! The real Robotech fans all saw Shadow Chronicles last year, and the real anime reviewers saw this weeks ago, but we’ll be seeing it once it’s officially out. Daryl read that Prelude to Shadow Chronicles comicbook that Udon released, and is of the opinion that the character designs are kind of weird. Maybe he’s just not used to seeing Rick Hunter and company with like, actual lips.

Closing (1:09:30 – 1:10:58)
Next week, our special guest will be Joe Vecchio, Corn Pone Flicks alumni, C/FO veteran, founding member of JACO, and convention organizer. Since Joe’s around, the theme for next week’s show is unfettered optimism in the face of adversity. In keeping with this theme, Daryl’s reviewing Studio 4C’s highly acclaimed yet highly overlooked theatrical film entitled Mind Game, Gerald’s finished reading Vertical Inc’s 832-page release of Osamu Tezuka’s manga Ode to Kirihito, and to assure things don’t get too stuffy, Clarissa reviews what’s out so far of the Yotsuba&! manga. Better hide the water pistols.