Daryl reviews the MANLY MANGA Satsuma Gishiden, Gerald reviews the MANLY CARTOON Spirit of Wonder (what?), and Clarissa is the MANLIEST of us all since she reviews MAZINKAISER~! which law dictates must be spelled in all-caps tilde exclamation point.

Show notes are possibly delayed due to us all undertaking an impossible mission, and by that we mean that Daryl got a Nintendo Wii.

Introduction (0:00 – 20:33)
Is there such a thing as “anime literacy”, and can we recommend any nonsensical anime comedies? We talked about that for 20 minutes?

Let’s News! (20:33 – 40:43)
Kadokawa, undoubtedly best known around the USA for bringing us ABSOLUTE ZERO, NOW!, is going to start distributing their movies via BitTorrent, Yamato Toys is expanding their US operations, the live-action Speed Racer has a set release date, a doujinshi circle somehow sold 15,000 copies of their comic and got nailed for it, the cost to license one episode of anime for release in the US officially averages to $20,000 per episode but can go as high as $80,000, and the Go Nagai Chibi World OAV is getting remastered. In the rumors department, Discotek might actually release something new and Tokyopop might have licensed one of the Gutsoon!/Raijin Comics titles (presumably Slam Dunk), but in the flat-out FACTS department, Hajime no Ippo is THE BUSINESS and Initial D is for people in the Home For Infinite Losers. Also, there are now Rilakkuma condoms.

Promo: Anime Pacific (40:43 – 42:17)
Never mind that this promo is entirely too long; see that website background? ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Clearly Daryl’s advocacy is proving effective. Even though that fansub script for Raoh Gaiden they made totally used “hegemony” as every other word.

Review: Satsuma Gishiden (manga), Volume 1 (42:17 – 1:04:22)
Daryl reviews this fine gekiga title about angry samurai who run around in loincloths and scream like lunatics, as drawn by a master calligrapher. It goes without saying that this is a title from Dark Horse Comics, makers of all sorts of totally rad manga that nobody fucking sells anywhere. Otherwise, this review would also cover Volume 2. Wait, Mail Volume 2 is out? They’re on Volume FOUR of Oldboy? God damn you, bookstores and comicbook shops. Oh well, at least you can order them online. Here’s some Amazon links for the first two volumes: if you buy them through clicking these, we get some money for it or something.

And if you want to buy the comics anthology containing Fairy Princess Yukio Mishima, it can be yours for $10 shipped by heading over to Cheap Disposable Entertainment!

Promo: Popcorn Samurai (1:04:22 – 1:05:26)
Yeah yeah, so his show isn’t actually “weekly,” but it’s not like we’re ones to talk. Because of Daryl’s review, he picked up Le Chevalier D’Eon Volume 1. AND his next episode is about Kazuo Koike. Clearly Daryl’s advocacy is proving effective.

Review: Spirit of Wonder (1:05:26 – 1:20:35)
Gerald has not one, but two different titles to review here, though we get the feeling that neither of them really have any business being classified as “hard sci-fi.” No, this is more of a whimsical light romance affair, though Inignokt and Err better step back if they know what’s good for them. WHICH THEY DON’T.

Review: MAZINKAISER~! (1:20:35 – 1:52:18)
Due to strict awesomeness quotient laws enforced by the federal government, Clarissa is obliged to tell people on the air that MAZINKAISER~! will not change their life and is not as good as GaoGaiGar. These laws do not apply in print. The truth is that it WILL change your life–entirely for the better–and that if there is anything it is not as good as, it would be Getter Robo. After all, how can one TRULY believe in GaoGaiGar’s superiority without acknowledging that GaoGaiGar Final is better than the series itself?

The reason there has not yet been any sort of MAZINKAISER~! vs SHIN GETTER ROBO~! is because that would violate even Japan’s awesomeness quotient laws, which are generally more lenient than ours. Make the right choice, Shinzo Abe.

Promo: Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman (1:52:18 – 1:53:08)
This is actually a fan-made promo and so there’s nothing in it mentioning the website. Wait, they get fan-made promos?! Actually, we got a fan-made promo too from The Comics Interpreter, but it’s like three minutes long and no podcast would ever actually run that. However, it was professionally done and was awesome. We received this promo and have done nothing with it since…August 2006. Hmm. Maybe THAT’S why we don’t get fan-made promos…

Closing (1:53:08 – 1:55:54)
Next time, Daryl will review another Dark Horse manga title that he can’t find Volume 2 of anywhere, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. In celebration of it’s 20th anniversary, Gerald’s reviewing Dirty Pair: Project E.D.E.N. aka “the real Dirty Pair,” and Clarissa acknowledges that MAZINKAISER~! does indeed change your life by reviewing Loveless in order to bring her testosterone levels back down.

Anime World Order Show # 47 – Podcasting For the Restless and the Brokenhearted

Daryl has an advance review of Le Chevalier D’Eon, Gerald gets sprung with Utawarerumono, and Clarissa reflects upon Nerima Daikon Brothers. As a test to see if we can hang with REAL reviewers, all of us have decided to review just Volume 1 of shows we’ve never seen before, all courtesy of ADV Films. We’re going nowhere fast.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:48)
One guy on the GeekNights forums said that we answer too many emails per show and should stick to one per episode, but we’d never get through it all if we did that! Besides, if certain parts of the show aren’t your bag, you can check these show notes for the timecodes for each segment so you know what to skip over. We’re asked to name our Top 10 Mediocre Anime, which proves impossible for us and results in a lengthy diatribe over the usefulness and viability of quantitative ratings systems as a whole. The voicemails reveal that DARYL’S LIFE GOAL IS ACCOMPLISHED, and yet he is not the one equipped to complete the requested task to “make Gerald a real man.” However, this happened in celebration of Gerald’s birthday:

Let’s News! (19:48 – 39:06)
Paprika didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, probably because nobody saw it. Thanks, Sony! By the way, they’re distributing Tekkon Kinkreet, too. And they’re denying that they prohibit adult content on Blu-Ray, but of the eight or so duplication centers, they run two and Disney works with five (and apparently per their contracts, duplicators who work with Disney agree not to duplicate adult content). The identity of the remaining one is shrouded in secrecy. Speaking of secret identities, Princess Ai is getting set for another giant push. You know, the “manga” that’s written by the Tokyopop CEO under the fake persona “DJ Milky“? The one that contains his poetry? Kind of like how the theme songs to Initial D, GTO, Rave Master, and Reign the Conqueror were changed to shitty things he wrote himself? Hopefully he won’t throw any of his office chairs our way. Hmm, we probably won’t be getting anything from Tokyopop anytime soon. Steel Jeeg’s getting remade, and a lot of smaller US anime cons got canceled, too (there is a much larger story about this particular con full of drama, suspense, and Dan Woren, the voice of Roy Fokker). Also, fanboys everywhere are canceling their Gunbuster orders because the US DVD altered about a minute worth of the background music. We’re told that omelettes are nutritious.

Promo: Anime Roundtable (39:06 – 39:42)
Do you like our podcast? This is sort of like, the Canadian version of us. Daryl thinks that one guy Neil sounds like he’s impersonating Scott Thompson’s Buddy Cole character from Kids in the Hall, and the fangirls on it are stereotypical fangirls and therefore THE ENEMY. However, one of them on the latest episode said she liked Mind Game. She will be spared in the first sweep, but we’ll be sure to leave room in the oven for the next go since she thinks Ryoga’s hot because of the fang. Ain’t no love in the hood for Madarame, it seems.

Review: Le Chevalier D’Eon (39:42 – 1:10:03)
Daryl’s pick is probably the most recent thing he’s ever reviewed in the history of the podcast, as this Production IG title is still ongoing in Japan. Production IG + Kenshin + Comte de Saint Germain?! Hell yeah! They couldn’t POSSIBLY screw this one up, right? If we never hear back from ADV ever again, we’ll know this is the reason.

  • ADV’s official Le Chevalier D’Eon website – you can watch the first episode dubbed in English for free
  • Production IG’s official English-language Le Chevalier site – be sure to check the Special Feature section for several interviews with the crew, because otherwise you’d never find out that they marketed this series to takarazuka fans and cast the voice actress for Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailles in later episodes
  • Mike Toole’s Sorcerer Stabber Orphen dub/sub comparison – Internet Explorer is required to view this file, which is presented in How-They-Lied-O-Vision (copyright Corn Pone Flicks), this is one of many articles from Anime Jump that was lost when the old site died and everything moved over to the new site. Incidentally, the new site is also dead, and updates to it are basically no longer possible due to some sort of bizarre CSS debacle or something.
  • Correction: Marie was not 15 when she married Louis XV, thus making Louis 8. Louis was 15, thus making Marie 22. It wasn’t OUR mistake, it was the commentary track’s!

Promo: Up a Paddle (1:10:03 – 1:10:40)
You see this guy’s show notes? Notes that tell you every single point that’s covered in the episode that are a mere fraction of the length of this crap? And he remembered to actually put the links in rather than just write a bunch of garbage? That’s the way show notes should be.

Review: Utawarerumono (1:10:40 – 1:32:54)
Gerald picked this one to review after seeing the impressive trailer for it on The Anime Network. What Gerald did not know then and knows now was that this anime is based off of a porn game yet is not a porn anime. This is truly a testament to the work of those poor interns who have to edit together trailers to make crappy shows looks decent. If we never hear back from ADV ever again, we’ll know this is the reason.

Review: Nerima Daikon Brothers (1:32:54 – 1:56:36)
Clarissa pulled the latest work from WataNABE SHINichi (that’s how you get “Nabeshin” for a nickname, kids!). It’s…pretty much the same as the rest of his work. If we never hear back from ADV ever again, we’ll know this is the reason.

Promo: Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast (1:56:36 – 1:57:28)
Daryl has once again made a guest appearance on this podcast, this time to review the Greatest Movie EVER!, Streets of Fire. Joining him on this expedition is Gerald and former guest/frequent poster Steve Harrison. Maybe we should get Paul to record special promos for those episodes as opposed to just taking music from the movie and playing it at the same time as his promo. Hmm.

Closing (1:57:28 – 2:02:32)
Next episode, it’s time to get back on track, sort of. Gerald’s reviewing Spirit of Wonder (as much of it as he could get a hold of), Daryl has vowed to increase the number of manga reviews he’s done by reviewing the ultra-manly gekiga samurai action piece Satsuma Gishiden, and Clarissa vows to be even more manly than Daryl since she’s reviewing MAZINKAISER~! Why? You don’t wanna know why. Everybody ready? Get it on.