Anime World Order Show # 77b – Please Don’t Take My Baby Robot

Here’s the second half of Show 77 with our special guest Mike Toole. It contains Gerald’s review of Five Star Stories and Clarissa’s review of The Big O.

Gerald and Clarissa have their notes for their segments, so pictures and such are forthcoming. Hopefully they can add them in less time than it takes for Daryl to add notes for his.

Review: Five Star Stories (0:00 – 39:42)
As Howard Stern so deftly put it one New Year’s Eve so very long ago, FIND OUT WHICH ONE OF THESE GIRLS IS A MAN

Review: The Big O (39:42 – 1:25:35)
This segment TOM JOWNS. Let me show you the REAL Big O:

Closing (1:25:35 – 1:29:29)
Next time, Daryl’s getting himself into trouble by finally talking about Mamoru Oshii for the first time on this podcast. May as well go for broke: he’s talking about Angel’s Egg…and yes, In The Aftermath. Gerald will be reviewing the much-requested Roujin Z, and Clarissa completes her jailbait dudes in armor trifecta by reviewing Shurato. We haven’t recorded this yet, and this weekend is technically a convention. So uh…see you when we see you!

Anime World Order Show # 77a – Might As Well [Anime] Jump For Your Love

Our special guest this episode is the returning Mike Toole, last heard on this show nearly three years ago. Don’t worry, the Anime Jump front page was never updated since. In this episode, Daryl’s reviewing Baccano!, Gerald’s reviewing Five Star Stories, and Clarissa being THE GIRL AND ALL opted to speak of The Big O. Huh huh, huh huh. But you’ll have to wait a few days for the second half of the show which contains the second two reviews, because we’ve got videogames to play!

Introduction (0:00 – 32:34)
Much was spoken of Raijin Comics and how Superdimensional Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada hold up as shows in and of themselves without having any knowledge of Robotech, let alone nostalgia. Too bad we got beaten to the punch! Note that Daryl’s Southern Cross knowledge is minimal and he generally can only refer to things by their Robotech equivalents.

Let’s News! (32:34 – 1:06:49)
Mike Toole mysteriously vanished during this part of the show due to the magic of post-production. We might have actually discussed the news for these 30-40 minutes. Or we might have just talked a lot about girls not wearing any pants, be they animated, drawn, or otherwise.

Review: Baccano! (1:06:49 – 1:42:19)
Since Daryl and Mike were the only ones who’d seen the series, this review is more or less spoiler-free. It is highly recommended that you NOT read the Wikipedia entry for this show, or the ANN encyclopedia entry, or the ANN review, or pretty much anything prior to watching this series. Not even the back of the DVD. No, you should just trust in Daryl and Mike’s good judgment here and the fact that they both consider it their pick for best series of 2007 (or 2009 depending on how you want to count it). Note that Gerald and Clarissa upon hearing this review decided to watch Akikan and that one about the gay vampire butler instead of this show. This is like what happened with the New Getter Robo review all over again. Wait, they did watch that eventually. Er, Godannar then. Only this one doesn’t involve robots or fanservice. This sort of thing was going on even before Daryl was crowned the Pied Piper of Nerds along with White Daryl.