Anime World Order Show # 81a – Rei Fukai, You Are Worse Than Michael Jordan

The deadly experiment continues! This time it’s Gerald’s turn to pick the titles for everyone to review. He’s chosen Kekko Kamen for Daryl and Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman for Clarissa. But he’s taken the heavy burden of Yukikaze upon himself.

Introduction (0:00 – 21:09)
Gerald was not met with much approval over his review of Kemonozume last episode. Daryl reiterates why we’ll never be popular on the Internet by pointing out our lack of a quantitative value system, and Clarissa confesses to not knowing much about Takarazuka revue on account that she doesn’t feel like spending $300 on one DVD. 3 emails down! That leaves 436 in the Inbox.

Let’s News! (21:09 – 43:01)
Notes forthcoming. But we were probably responding to what Egan Loo, One Man Pillar of Internet Anime Fandom, posted on Also, at some point we answer an email from a pedophile about the lack of availability of Giant Robo OST 5.

Review: Yukikaze (43:01 – 1:33:32)
Notes and perhaps screenshots forthcoming, but really. All you need to know about this is the following: Gonzo made it.

The remaining reviews are already recorded and edited. But hey, we’ll have to talk about whatever happens at Anime Expo anyway. We’ll include them with that.