Bonus – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009 Con Report

Hey kids, remember this podcast? Yeah, neither do we. But here’s our recorded some time ago convention report for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009! Our special guests are a bunch of crazy people we know, many of whom sleep in Gerald’s quarters EVERY NIGHT. Just be warned: the audio and editing quality on this one is…kind of rough.

By all rights, there should be several pictures, videos, and links in these show notes. However, I do not have any of them because they’re locked away in the vaults. Bug Gerald and Clarissa to post their stuff. It won’t do anything, but you’ll feel better afterwards! Actually, I have some pictures of Gerald’s harem:

Laina, going completely Berserk. In more ways than one.
Amanda (demonstrating why she is The Face, even though this is not The Face)
Andrea (it’s a good thing she has those goggles, I’m just sayin’)
Brian in his Travis Touchdown / Miami Bass outfit

Brian and Laina. (Laina is the one on the right.)

This gas station / Dairy Queen art is a caricatured representation of everyone on this podcast.


Pricing iTunes out of business

Bonus – Daryl on ANNCast

All of us are currently at EXPCon this weekend, and between business trips and Otaku USA deadlines there may not be a new episode posted for a bit. We’ve got two entire shows recorded, but we still need to edit them. In the meantime, Daryl was a guest on the ANNCast, the Anime News Network podcast hosted by Justin Sevakis and Zac Bertschy. Go here to download it.

In the rather likely event that you’ve found this site via the ANN link, thanks for checking us out! You’ll see on the right-hand side of this page links to both the Review Index and the Podcast RSS Feed, both of which you can use to browse through the nearly four years worth of episodes we’ve released. Do tell us what you think via the email address or voicemail number.