Anime World Order Show # 87 – Welcome to the Otakon Show

It’s been a month since the last episode due to Otakon 2010, so the least we could do is give you a convention report of it! While we’re at it, we review the new theatrical film Welcome to the Space Show.

Yeah, we were supposed to review those things we said we’d review at the end of Show 86, but that’ll be Show 88 now!

Daryl was a guest once again on the latest ANNCast along with Mike Toole, whose Anime Jump site has got new updates for the first time in years! He reviewed Welcome to the Space Show too!

Introduction (0:00 – 36:12)
The emails reinforce the trend that everyone these days has now decided that Zeta Gundam, once hailed as the jewel in the “real robot” crown, is terrible. So we’re asked to list some “super robot” series of note instead. We opt to sub-divide “super robot” into two arbitrary categories: “Go Nagai” and “everybody else.” Then someone who is most likely a 15 year-old girl that shouldn’t be looking at this stuff asks us for recommendations on gay pornography…so naturally we oblige! But not before we hate on Akiyuki Shinbo and Maria Holic. Finally, Daryl was going to throw his hat into the shouldn’t-exist-but-does-anyway waste of time argument that shall not be named here in these show notes, but opted not to do so because neither Gerald nor Clarissa had seen the movie.

Promo: Manga Plasma (36:12 – 36:38)
These guys are all half our ages and just started podcasting, and while we usually hesitate to play promos for podcasts that don’t yet have 10 episodes out we figured what the heck. It’s kind of hard to hear over TM Revolution’s Resonance, but we think the person in the background saying “BULLSHIT!” at random intervals might be trying to be in character as Excalibur from Soul Eater or something. Just a guess. We’re old now. We got no damn idea what these kids with their hair and their clothes and their rock and roll music are into these days.

Report: Otakon 2010 (36:38 – 1:23:13)
All three of us were present at Otakon 2010 and relay our experiences for better or for worse at it. Mostly for better, since all the for worse occurrences were edited out! You’ll just have to slog through our Twitter archives for those. As the previous post elaborated, we did do one panel together which went over quite well. Gerald also had a History of Hentai panel which lived up to its name.

Review: Welcome to the Space Show (1:23:13 – 1:50:13)
Daryl reviews a theatrical anime film that was premiered for the first time in subtitled form in North America at the convention. As such, this review is fairly devoid of any spoilers, since there exists no means for most people to see it just yet. Also different from usual: this is something all three of us saw for a change! We all share the same thoughts on it, as does pretty much everyone we know who saw it, but it’ll be coming out soon in the US courtesy of…we’re guessing Bandai Entertainment. Feel free to see it for yourself when the time comes. And yes, that’s Susan Boyle who sang the song for it.

Closing (1:50:13 – 1:51:48)
We still haven’t actually recorded the next episode yet, but with any luck we’ll be able to do so BEFORE Anime Weekend Atlanta. No guarantees though. In the meantime, we’ve got guest appearances on other podcasts at least.