Bonus – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

The next episode is still being edited, and considering that this weekend is the Florida Anime Experience (featuring a video room programmed ENTIRELY BY US), we’ll instead brighten your days using Gerald and Clarissa’s guest appearance on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast where they discussed…

…well, they didn’t discuss any movies at all. So incensed by the notion that someone on the Internet didn’t like the cartoon for 5 year-olds was Paul that, after letting it eat at him for days and days, he organized his own gig to tell ya’ll what’s WHAT. We may not yet have reached “peak MLP” just yet, but other forces are hard at work to remedy it.

The link to the show itself is here.

Anime World Order Show # 96 – Redlining a Herocaine Sandwich with Tim Maughan

For this episode we’re joined by SF author, un-milky DJ, and Twitter entity Tim Maughan for a spoiler-free discussion of Redline by Takeshi Koike.

Here’s Daryl’s article on Trava: Fist Planet. Daryl would like to remind those of you with Internet autism that this podcast is not recorded with IMDB, Wikipedia, Google, the ANN Encyclopedia, etc open and memorized so if we got a year or a name wrong then DEAL WITH IT already (preferably by leaving a non-idiotic comment).