Anime World Order Show # 100 – DAMN YOU, YAMATO TAKERU NO MIKOTO!

[The last few minutes of this podcast are out of sync. We’ll fix it…uh, later.]

It took about four years longer than it should have but we’re finally at Show 100! To commemorate this occasion, we bring back Mike Toole to discuss Yoshiyuki Tomino’s most heartfelt work…Garzey’s Wing!

Mike’s been writing The Mike Toole Show column over at some website called Anime News Network. Perhaps you’ve heard of it!

Garzey’s Wing is years out of print, though can easily be found. The last thing we want you to do–despite what we may insinuate–is to watch some Internet “nerd comedy” video review of it, even though those have rendered audio podcasting obsolete. No. You have to cut out the middlemen and watch Garzey’s Wing in its entirety for yourself. THE DUB: