Anime World Order Show # 102a – Subatomic Trivia Skirmish 9001

We missed a month. And another. We thought we could quickly record something where we just read emails. We were wrong. Gerald and Clarissa recorded in the same room, so the sibilance on those “s” sounds is much higher than normal. Every once in a while there’s an echo. As such, any promises by Gerald of reviewing Gunpla Builders made at the start of this recording shall remain lies until the release of the second half of this recording. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Gerald instead deployed a series of anime trivia questions of his own devising upon our unsuspecting selves. The results…are as follows.

This is a pale shadow of the Atomic Trivia War 9000. Did we forget to mention the recording ended up being three hours? We split it into two for ease of listening; this is Part One and Part Two will follow next week or so. We also forgot to mention that our special guest host is Erin Finnegan, whom nobody would know about were it not for us mentioning her a lot and conscripting her for Otaku USA (new issue’s out soon!), thus making her cool enough to become the writer of Shelf Life for ANN. At least, that’s OUR version of history.