Anime World Order Show # 105 – Trigun Is Older Than Many Current Anime Fans

Due to anime conventions, magazine deadlines, and to a lesser extent DE REEPAZ we missed our chance to release this way back in March when this was initially recorded. But in this episode, after dispensing some advice on running mecha panels at anime conventions Gerald reviews the unjustifiably recent theatrical film, Trigun: Badlands Rumble.

Turns out that OSMCast! still isn’t posted yet, nor has the Anime Fans Give Back marathon been uploaded. But Daryl was on the ANNCast with Tim Eldred to discuss “Top 10 Anime of the 1980s.” Note that Daryl’s list is completely volatile such that the contents and rankings could change from moment to moment, but the ten he picked are all pretty darned good. Why, several of them have been reviewed already on THIS VERY PODCAST. Also, both Daryl and Gerald were guests on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to discuss The Perfect Weapon, featuring Jeff Speakman and the Hawaiian Mormon fist. You can get the links to those by clicking on Guest Spots up above.