Anime World Order Show # 107b – Unico and The Adventures of Catgirl and Count Date Rape

If you thought we were done with this A and B nomenclature thing just because we said we were, THINK AGAIN. We were going to have this after the Otakon 2012 report but things were running long, so here’s where Gerald reviews the Discotek Media releases of The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico in the Island of Magic.

Unico is totally affordable and easy to get these days. Both The Fantastic Adventures of Unico as well as Unico in the Island of Magic will run you about $15.

As perfect supplemental viewing to Unico, Daryl was on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to discuss the Most Dangerous film of 2012 aka The Raid: Redemption.

Anime World Order Show # 107 – Otakon 2012 Report

Three months between proper episodes is pretty deplorable even for us. We had meant for this episode to contain our Otakon 2012 report as well as the review of Unico, but the report ran long so we’re splitting this in half. Joining us for the con report via rather low quality landline reception is Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Video Programming Director (and amateur Strong Sad impersonator), Darius Washington of We tried recording this using Google Hangout instead of Skype. If everybody sounds “strange,” what you’re hearing is the difference between compression algorithms. CURSE YOU, TECHNOLOGY! We’ll be back to normal for the review.

If you need an anime review in your life, Daryl was on Fast Karate for the Gentleman talking about Crying Freeman. If you just need more podcast hours to fill time, Daryl was also on the ANNCast with Mike Toole to talk about…Otakon 2012 again! Some content recycling inevitable, but we also took two hours of Twitter questions regarding a variety of random anime-related topics, and talked a bit about Lupin the Third: The Woman Named Fujiko Mine.