Bonus – Gerald Answers Anime82’s 12 Questions: Reverse Edition

With Anime Weekend Atlanta next week (live schedule is here), we’re putting the final touches on our panels. And…playing Torchlight II. In the meantime, here’s a re-casting of Gerald’s answers to the latest round of anime podcaster Q&A put forth by Regan Strongblood of the Anime82 podcast.

We added the links to the Guest Spots pages, along with Daryl’s months-delayed guest spot on the OSMCast! that he recorded back around March, but chances are high people never saw them there since we made no on-air mention of them.

If you want to hear Daryl’s answers to the same questions–it took 3 times as long!–you can head over to Anime82 and listen to them now. Or you can wait a week or so and we’ll re-cast them here. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for some great clips of AMERICANS BEING AMERICAN in anime, or if you have some more preferred openings you’d like us to consider that weren’t previously suggested, let us know in the comments.