Anime World Order Show # 109 – We Have Finally Reached the Mystery Frequency

In a rare deviation from our usual set of hijinks, Clarissa isn’t around and we review a NEW show for a change as Gerald espouses the merits of Shoji Kawamori’s latest venture, AKB0048.

Update: A lot of people are having trouble seeing the download link. This is an issue brought about with the latest versions of Adobe Flash, which handles the on-page player and text link. For now, you can click here to download.

Introduction (0:00 – 43:24)
Clarissa isn’t with us this time around, so that means it’s time to PAR-TAY by reading the emails asking us about the deeper meanings behind Violence Jack or the lack thereof. That also means it’s time to slag on graduate level anime academia now that she isn’t around to defend her life’s pursuit. The last anti-Clarissa topic we indulge ourselves in has to do with what anime is good to watch with your dad.

Promo: Method to Madness (43:24 – 44:17)
The last time, we thought we had played the most recent promo for these guys. Turns out that we played the old one with the old URL. So we’re fixing that. Their latest episode is about the Rock-a-Fire explosion documentary. That guy lives right in Orlando. Also, we watched that documentary at like 2 AM to ring in the new year.

Review: AKB0048 (44:17 – 1:19:09)
Remember this exchange in Patlabor the Movie 2?
“I understand there’s a 98% hit ratio using the fire control system.”
“And what if your FCS is malfunctioning?”
“Sir? Police Labor activities are normally conducted in pairs.”
“And what if your partner’s Labor is disabled?”
“But the odds against that are a million to one…”
“Training to prepare for that one in a million is our job as cops, YOU MORON!”

Our experience with AKB0048 is the anime equivalent of that.

Closing (1:19:09 – 1:32:10)
We’ll try and record some more things pretty soon, though we don’t know when Clarissa will be around. As noted, the Colony Drop fanzine is now free as a digital download. Also, if you must know, Daryl did stream 2 hours of Japanese pro wrestling which was never released in the US and was from largely defunct companies…but was promptly perma-banned from and Twitch (he wasn’t even USING Twitch!) 30 minutes later anyway. Both by account and by IP. So much for THAT idea.