Anime World Order Show # 126 – Your Options Are Sit and Watch the Show or Possibly Get Knifed

After months of general unwillingness to record due to general unwillingness to edit the difficulty of assembling a proper review without spoiling everything, we’re back! Clarissa reviews the recently completed television series Samurai Flamenco.

Intro (0:00 – 27:53)
In the emails this week, we talk about our differing philosophies regarding how anime clubs should operate in the year 2014.

  • Skin Crawling Comics is too cool to actually explain what it’s about on its own website, but it’s an anthology of short horror-themed comicbook stories from a variety of creators, one of whom is Gerald (so all the other ones are of lesser importance). They’re for readers age 16 and up, with the idea being to not rely on excessive gore, titillation, etc that dominates much of contemporary horror storytelling. Two new pages get posted each week, and it’ll be about 180 pages total. This is all pretty vital yet basic information about the project, which is why it’s interesting that none of what just got written is actually present on the website itself. Might want to look into that, guys.
  • We have totally mentioned the Royal Space Force 25th Anniversary Fanzine in these show notes before featuring a contribution from Gerald and other people less important than Gerald, but there is little harm in doing so again.

Review: Samurai Flamenco (27:53 – 55:11)
Clarissa takes point in discussing this recently-concluded noitaminA offering, which we have deemed equally as enjoyable and insane as Kill La Kill with an equally grand finale that got only a fraction of the fan attention despite its concurrent simulcasting. Articulating the reason for this as well as the majesty and glory of this series without really spoiling anything is a daunting task: the kind that makes you wonder for months just exactly how you’re going to do it. What this means is that if you comment cavalierly on such matters, your post is getting edited to ribbons. We know everything’s on Wikipedia. We know you people will read those Wikipedia entries and think you know what the appeal of this show is based on that. But you won’t. Something like this has to be seen.

As far as conventions go: Memorial Day weekend is the biggest weekend of the year as far as simultaneous anime cons are concerned, but it’s unlikely that we’ll actually be at any of them! But as far as ones where you’ll have a good chance of running into past AWO guests are concerned, there’s FanimeCon in California, the Florida Anime Experience in–yep–Florida, Animazement in North Carolina, and the big one’s Anime North way up in Ontario, Canada. To think, that’s not even ALL of the cons happening this weekend! The reason we’ll be MIA is a few weeks away, since Gerald and Daryl will be in New Jersey June 6-8 for AnimeNEXT. It’d just be too many flights to catch/days missed from work. Florida Anime Experience is local…but it’s on the same days as the Central Florida BBQ Blowout!