Anime World Order Show # 132 – Science Fiction Is Obsolete, Long Live Science Dad Fiction

With con season over, Clarissa thought she had it all figured out. Thought she could get a podcast review done with minimal editing and minimal viewing overhead if she and Gerald just watched something that was already on Netflix. But then they chose the 2013 Space Pirate Harlock CG animated film directed by Shinji Aramaki. How prophetic was what Daryl said about it back in Show 125? Find out for yourself. Note: unlike Show 125, this episode will spoil the film more or less in its entirety.

As far as guest appearances, Daryl was a guest on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to discuss a film made solely for him at the exclusion of basically everyone else on the planet: Shoot ‘Em Up. A true “Daryl Surat Genre” film indeed.