Anime World Order Show # 140 – We’ll Look Back on This Idea as Mistake Number One

As a result of donations sent in via his Twitch channel, Daryl was tasked with reviewing an anime selected by those who donated. The decision was unanimous: Ben-To.

Introduction (0:00 – 34:30)
We’re coming up on ten years of anime podcasting, roughly half of which has been on other podcasts. On that note: look forward to Daryl on this week’s ANNCast! People continue to discover the old episodes every day, and so we’re asked to reflect upon how anime conventions have changed since we started going to them. As such, now is a good time to note that Daryl has panels next week at Anime Weekend Atlanta: “Thirty Years Ago – Anime in 1985” on Friday then the “Stupid Video Panel OF DOOM!” on Saturday. For those unable to make it out to Atlanta, he’ll also be appearing live from the show floor courtesy of Crunchyroll to do an abridged version of the Anime 1985 panel.

Review: Ben-To (34:30 – 1:21:49)
This was a series that completely went under Daryl’s radar, for reasons detailed in the review. In fact, he forgot it ever existed. What is Ben-To about? What kind of show is it? None of this was known beforehand, but the donations ticker made Daryl honor-bound to find out. Just think: YOU could be responsible for the next one, in the event there ever is a next one. We recommend that if you do want to force Daryl to watch something that it should be a title which is cool that we just haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet, since that’s the only way you’ll be likely to get your donation’s worth.

You can legally view the entire streaming either in Japanese or English audio courtesy of either Hulu or FUNimation’s website, free of charge. Piracy being what it is, neither of those sites are the first result if you type “watch ben-to” into Google, so support legal streaming options whenever you can.