Anime World Order Show # 142 – Gay Basketball and Anthrax Are Better Than Kerberos Saga

Is THIS going to mark ten years of our podcast? But we didn’t do anything special like what you’re supposed to! Who’s been listening to us all this time, and how have your lives changed since then? What, if anything, did we have to do with it? For now, we must soldier on. Clarissa reviews THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS, or as rational people call it, Kuroko’s Basketball.

Introduction (0:00 – 34:55)
Some emails are deceptively difficult. This time around we tackle the question of “what anime out there is like Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade?” while revealing that we don’t fully comprehend the geography of the very state in which we inhabit. Listen, people from Central and South Florida try not to think about what goes on up North, since that’s when it becomes The South. Also, out West. That’s where the demons reside.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (34:55 – 36:20)
The Holiday sale is on until December 27th with new items added every day, and several of those are titles we’ve reviewed in the past or happened to mention during the introduction. Each order you place gives you a chance to win a $250 gift card, and shipping is free after you spend $49. With so many things discounted so high, you’ll hit that mark rather quickly if you’re anything like us.

Review: Kuroko’s Basketball (36:20 – 1:20:49)
Fine, we didn’t actually call it The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, but then again, neither does Crunchyroll or Viz because no native English speaker would bother. Of course, any native English speaker who routinely says “Kuroko no Basuke” or, even weirder, “Kuroko’s Basket” probably reads pirated scans or watches some fansub. Those days are behind us, as it’s all on Crunchyroll now, including the two extra OAVs so GET IN THE ZONE. Note: the zone might possibly be referring to a dude’s butt, if all this fanart is anything to go by.