Anime World Order Show # 145 – We Bet McDevitt Prevented It From Being Named Russell Mania

This episode came out a month late because of trauma incurred by a CG talking dog and also CG drifting cars, the one-two punch of which was enough to give Gerald pause before he could review the CG anime adaptation of Knights of Sidonia.

Introduction (0:00 – 41:00)
People–car-loving people and ONLY car-loving people–sure had a lot to say about our Initial D review. We read some more feedback to it. We also touch upon all the various anime crowdfunding projects that started up all within the span of our last episode to now. Most already ended, but two remain: Skip Beat (which within the last few hours met its funding goal as well as its stretch goal for Blu-Rays, so pledge with confidence knowing that you’ll get the show) and the far less certain VR anime CG re-versioning of Dai-Shogun.

Convention season is upon us, and we’re hitting New Jersey twice in a row! Daryl will be a guest at Anime Fan Fest on May 6th to May 8th courtesy of Otaku USA Magazine, then all of us will be at AnimeNEXT June 10th to June 12th. We’ll all be doing panels, and for the sake of making sure the cons in each state are unique, we’ll be doing different things at each convention.

Then on the writing front, the latest issue of Otaku USA Magazine is out, featuring contributions from Daryl and Clarissa. Daryl also wrote a feature on Anime News Network, The Pro Wrestling & Shonen Anime Connection, so do read that and leave a comment/reshare as you see fit.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (41:00 – 42:15)
We were hoping to have this episode posted in time for the one-day Flash sale on Nendoroid Mikudayo, but it was not to be. Rest assured that Daryl’s latest Right Stuf Anime shipment came in, and it was nothing but quality: Night on the Galactic Railroad, The Venus Wars, and Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone all on Blu-Ray.

Review: Knights of Sidonia (42:15 – 1:37:45)
Gerald weighs in on the 24-episode CG anime streaming exclusively on Netflix. Sentai Filmworks is handling the physical media release, and the entire original manga by Tsutomu Nihei is available in English courtesy of Vertical Comics. Gerald’s only really seen the anime, Daryl’s main exposure to the series is via the manga, so nobody quite knows what the other is reacting to.

The next episode will likely come out sooner than you’d think what with the conventions mere weeks away, as Daryl will review the Shonen Jump series Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma now that all of the manga to date is officially available in English and the first season of the anime simulcast is complete.