Anime World Order Show # 190 – We’ve Found New and Innovative Ways to Be Bad

Think you can prank OUR Patreon? We’ll show YOU. Here’s TWO episodes this month (technically, by a few hours)! The DECADE IN REVIEW~! continues as we finally get to talking about 2017, now that 2020 is more than halfway done at this point.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:57)
Anime North did their virtual convention, and we dug it quite a bit. One channel, lots of pretty cool topics and presentations, AND they saved the VODs on Twitch! Of course, Twitch VODs are removed after a few days, so here’s hoping they export those VODs and put them up on Youtube or something. They could also manually select the whole broadcasts as Highlights, but nobody remembers to do that. Not even professional Twitch streamers do that.

On Saturday August 1st–whoa, that’s TOMORROW–Otakon Online will be going into effect with SIX SIMULTANEOUS STREAMS, and Gerald rightfully questions whether the law of diminishing returns has set in. Daryl will soon find out, for a highly truncated version of Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1990 will (almost) kick off Otakon Online over at this link, 10:30 AM Saturday morning. Wait, who the heck is awake at 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning?! Especially for a VIRTUAL convention! There’s quite a bit on the schedule, but if you’re reading this then do show up and let’s at least try for some mid double digit viewership, shall we?

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (19:57 – 22:08)
Right as soon as Daryl’s Otakon virtual panel ends, Right Stuf’s panel begins (albeit in a different room). They’ll be sure to announce some new licenses and unleash some brand new Gundam release details, some of which may even have to do with…Gundam NT. Which is about to be released. Real soon now. In fact, you can rent it digitally now.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2017 (22:08 – 2:19:12)
This was a year where most of us had a fairly low amount of titles selected. We’d state what those titles are in the show notes and maybe even the Review Index in the interest of accessibility, but that would require us having to remember what we talked about and when, or at least write down what was talked about and when. That’s like, work and stuff. All you need remember is that 2017 had some really great stuff…and some very strong candidates for Actually the Worst Anime of the Entire Decade.

Anime World Order Show # 189 – Yeah, I Got My Balls Blown Off By a Land Mine But My Soul Will Always Be With You

It’s 4th of July as we post this, so what better way to commemorate than by Clarissa reviewing a tale of the pursuit of the American Dream gone awry? I guess you could say that’s what 2018’s Banana Fish was about…

Introduction (0:00 – 46:32)
So much happens in between each episode lately, it seems. It’s been over a month now since the final episode of ANNCast in memoriam of Zac Bertschy, who was our guest on our recent annual trivia episode. There have been a ton of protests brought on in response to police violence, which despite the lack of televised news coverage are all STILL GOING ON RIGHT NOW. And the virtual anime conventions have massively proliferated; as we post this, there are four simultaneous virtual anime conventions going on (that we’re aware of). No wonder we haven’t found time to read any emails lately. WELL, WE’RE READING AN EMAIL THIS TIME AND IT’S A GOOD ONE.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (46:32 – 51:45)
It’s Right Stuf’s 33rd birthday, which means savings averaging about 45% off most items! That means you only have to pay about $9.98 for Kase-san and Morning Glories rather than the $80 or so that was required to own it back when we did Show 173. You can also now preorder Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, which comes out in early October. On that note, we are now at 90% progress towards the Patreon goal of us having to review Gundam NT with Mike Toole. Will it happen before October? Will we say that we reached the goal but it doesn’t count until we have the goal amount in our pocket, which means we now have to potentially take into account sales tax per backing when we really shouldn’t since we’re not offering physical goods? Or even digital ones, really? We shall see.

Review: Banana Fish (51:45 – 2:15:22)
Clarissa never thought the day would come when Akimi Yoshida’s shojo crime drama Banana Fish would become an anime. The Viz release of the manga only finally completed last year, after roughly twenty years. Despite originally being written in the 1980s and set in the 1980s, the 2018 anime which you can watch on Amazon Prime is set instead in 2018. We go over what changed and what stayed the same, though partway through we issue a spoiler warning so we can talk a bit about the later developments.