Anime World Order Show # 195 – We Took Over a Year to Do What Others Did In a Week

At long last, it is finished. The words of triumph may be spoken now. The debt is paid in full, for the 2010s Decade in Review COMES TO A CONCLUSION~! as we talk about the notable titles of 2019…that we managed to see, anyway, because truth be told we still haven’t seen a lot of the shows we wanted to from last year. NEVERTHELESS.

Introduction (0:00 – 29:07)
Remember when we used to play VOICEMAILS on the show? Not even emails, but recorded messages people sent to us? Pepperidge Farm forgot about that one, actually, but now that everyone has smartphones that are capable of making voice recordings which can be sent online, there is now much less need for us to exploit state social services for a voicemail number. So after doing the thing that we said we don’t do–talking about videogames for several minutes–we play a not so old voicemail that asks a frequently asked question whose answer remains just as flustering no matter how much the topic gets revisited over the years. Listen, if Justin Sevakis isn’t doing his column anymore, we are IN THE CLEAR to just rip off what he’s imparted unto us. On more than one occasion. To swipe a pattern from our lame duck President, some might call the sentence structure of that last one a step and a step. (“Some” in this case being “nobody until we did so, just now”.)

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (29:07 – 31:00)
By popular demand from…well, okay, literally nobody…we have once again restored communications to the North Pole to get none other than the one and only SANTA CLAUS to tell you about the Right Stuf Holiday Sale! Yes, there are daily mega deals all month along with the weekly sales and more. Plus, there’s a weekly challenge to find Ritsu, the Right Stuf mascot, hidden on all manners of sections of the website most visitors rarely check or know exist. UNTIL NOW, THAT IS. Listen, our reception to the North Pole isn’t so great. But we’re A HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that’s Santa Claus on the line.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2019 (31:00 – 2:48:03)

Listen. We understand it would have been more thematically appropriate to use the shot where he’s making a reference to the final line of Raoh while striking the triumphant pose, but the camera panned on that and we don’t have time to do that stitching together business. But we’re finished! We are DONE recapping the noteworthy titles of the last ten years, just in time for one entire year of this new decade to have elapsed.