Bonus – 2007 In Review…Because 2008-2009 Took Too Long

What should have been the final installment of the AWO 2000-2009 Decade in Review is now the penultimate since the recording went too long. No matter! That makes this a “mere” 45 minutes long!

If that’s just not enough podcast for you given our extended hiatus due to Anime Boston and Otaku USA deadlines, here’s what we’ve been up to in the interim:

Bonus – 2005-2006 In Review…Without TV’s Matt Alt

Matt Alt had to peace out to DC on a business trip for the next few weeks, so we’ll be hitting up this installment of the decade in review without him. We cover two more years, and from this point on things start looking slightly bleak. Just warning you.

This may be the final episode of AWO ever, as today is Daryl’s 30th birthday, aka the Otaku Expiration Date. Any time spent alive from this point on is borrowed time.

Oh, and Anime Boston is next week so there may not be another episode posted due to the fact that we’re Featured Panelists there. We’ll be running the following: Play It Again, Sam: Anime Remakes, Anime Squares, Cataloging Your Collection (which is running opposite The Vile Spectre of Moe, but that’s Christian Daly’s panel first and foremost), You DON’T Survive the Anime Apocalypse (marked as 18+, which MIGHT be overkill considering this is a con showing Ghost in the Shell 2.0 at 10 AM and there’s probably nothing here more objectionable than anything in there, but may as well play it safe), Black Jack, Tezuka’s Dark Doctor, Manga-Mania, and Better Living Through Superweapons: Anime’s Mad Scientists. But for all we know, we might also be involved in Anime Hell, The Melancholy of Yoshinobu Nishizaki, and who knows what else!