Anime World Order Show # 171 – Idiots! Watch the Damn Matrix! But Stop Before NUMBER TWO!

To kick off our 13th year of anime podcasting, we talk a bit about yuri manga before Clarissa reviews the largely overlooked and recently concluded spinoff to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, 2018’s Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues.

Introduction (0:00 – 33:49)
Now that we’re 13, we can say all sorts of dumb things with absolute certainty as if we know what we’re talking about…you know, like how we’ve always done! After briefly touching upon some noteworthy titles of 2018–don’t worry, come the end of this year it’ll be time for yet ANOTHER decade in review!–we dive into the emails and touch upon some issues a listener has with yuri manga. This is a really extensive topic, so if you’re interested, by all means be sure to read and listen to Erica Friedman over at Okazu, since this is her topic of expertise.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (28:12 – 31:00)
With the new season upon us and several of the most anticipated series being sequels to previously popular shows, now’s a perfect time to collect physical editions of those shows. Right Stuf has you covered, since there’s currently a sale on anime titles like My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mob Psycho 100, Boogiepop Phantom, and more. Now that Daryl has his G Gundam Ultra Edition box set, the next on the to-get preorder list for him are the Galaxy Express 999 movie Blu-Rays which come out next month.

Review: Mr Tonegawa Middle Management Blues (33:49 – 1:17:04)
We so do not want to face the fact that the episode we talked about GAMBLING APOCALYPSE KAIJI, THE SUFFERING PARIAH, THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR was nearly eleven years ago. Since then, the works of author Nobuyuki Fukumoto have developed enough of a following that legal releases of his works in America are becoming more frequent, be they Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Denpa Books who is set to release the manga starting in late April. But this series is not a tense, nail biting saga with life or death on the line. It’s an office comedy featuring the villains of that series tasked with coming up with said life or death scenarios…as well as learning how to effectively Tweet, trying to impress one’s boss as he insists that you simply MUST watch Armageddon with him, and learning the finer details of Wentworth Miller dramas. Prior knowledge of Kaiji is not a must, but now that all of Kaiji is up on Crunchyroll, you really should watch that dang thing if you haven’t.

Anime World Order Show # 143 – Ten Years After (Juunen Go No!) Watashi Wa Doushiteru Darou?

It’s our ten year anniversary…or rather, our first show since passing that! We had nothing planned to mark the occasion, so we figured we’d just do a year in review summary of 2015 with regards to noteworthy shows. In so doing, we forgot to mention several, like Snow White with the Red Hair. That’s just how we operate. Still.

Introduction (0:00 – 20:42)
We mostly spend this time doing a victory lap, reading a small excerpt of the congratulations that we received…okay fine, this is close to all that were sent via email. But we got more by way of social media and stuff that we just didn’t read! Really. Honest. What’s changed since we started? What stayed the same? We try not to dwell on such things for too long, lest we realize how much everyone’s progressed while we’ve remained still.

Promo: Nozomi Entertainment (20:42 – 22:05)
Go back to our earlier episodes and you’ll find a fair amount of us lamenting how certain classic series never saw the light of day in the US. Thanks to Nozomi Entertainment, that list is a whole lot shorter now than ever before, plus several of those titles are available to be watched streaming. Zeta Gundam Blu-Ray preorders are due to be shipping out soon, so head on over to Right Stuf to get yours. That reminds us: we’ve got a fair share of Got Anime? memberships to give away. We should start doing that throughout the year, huh.

2015 in Review (22:05 – 2:04:00)
Contrary to what you may have heard on the Internet, 2015 was a pretty great year for Japanese animation. We each listed 25-30 titles and spoke briefly on them in the process. Perhaps you were overwhelmed by choice and had no idea what to even dip your toes into? This may help.

Conclusion (2:04:00 – 2:11:41)
Next time, we’re shifting into gear so to speak as we deliver upon one of our donation-requested review titles: Initial D 4th Stage. In the meantime, Daryl was a guest on GME! Anime Fun Time to talk about One-Punch Man (you might say that after a year of exile, he broke out of podcast prison to be with them) and contributed an article to the Cubed Circle Wrestling Yearbook for 2015. This in turn led to him being given a ballot for the Voices of Wrestling 2015 Match of the Year polling, where he found out he was only roughly 50% out of touch with the Internet smark consensus. Listen: Dragon Gate and Lucha Underground are the best, THEN New Japan, and Bayley vs Sasha doesn’t even merit a Top 10 spot, okay?!