Bonus – Our Boring Panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006

This isn’t really an episode. Well, it was until we decided it was cosmically lame. See, it’s mostly composed of the audio to our panel at AWA 2006, and it was pretty boring. Oh well.

Introduction (0:00 – 32:20)
This is our first go at using the Levelator. It seems pretty good, but Daryl’s mic was acting up and so there was a lot more noise than usual in the recording. So despite dire results previously, we used Audacity’s Noise Removal filter to get rid of it. The result is that everyone, particularly Daryl, sounds slightly robotic during the introduction. Still, we answer messages. James from calls in to let us know about how we really need to stick it more to the large retail outlet chains as far as anime pricing goes, we talk about the fatal mistakes being made by ADV Universe and Anime Village, and Walter Amos writes in with a rebuttal to some of the things said in Show 32’s Otakon report with Zac Bertschy. Plus, a mysterious individual writes in to settle once and for all whether Gerald or Daryl emits the most anti-girl rays, and per Carl Horn’s request, Gerald and Clarissa make mention of some of the doujinshi they bought at AWA. The way Daryl sees it, if he’s unwilling to pay $2.50 – $4.00 for a 32-page comicbook, he sure as hell isn’t going to pay $20 for one. Or even $5-$10 if you get a “great deal” on them. Paying money for porno? That is SO pre-Internet.

There are two things YOU can do to get Gerald and Clarissa up to speed on this modern Internet age. The first is to submit reviews of our podcast on iTunes. The second…is to draw AWO doujinshi. In fact, people have been submitting fanart to us for a while. Here are some of them (more as we find them):

Jared and Lindsay, the creators of Peach Fuzz (which is like, syndicated in newspapers and published by Tokyopop), sent us this freaking awesome logo way back when we asked for someone to draw this for us. Man, why don’t we use THIS as our official logo?!

Fred M sent us this back in June, and if you want to see more here’s his Photobucket:

Chris B sent this one to us back in August:

Erin from the Ninja Consultant podcast drew this shortly after Otakon. Despite implications made in this episode, she assures us that “Geraldarame” has NOT gone wee wee in his pants:

Someone mysterious that was probably also Erin drew this picture, which seems to be Daryl Surat vs Dave Riley from Fast Karate for the Gentleman. Clever enough to reference Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo? Some credit is due, but not quite full credit since they should in fact be teaming up with one another!

And Carl Horn had this masterpiece commissioned for his AWA room party:

As Jodie Foster said in this movie about aliens that didn’t have aliens in it, it’s beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Let’s News! (32:20 – 44:39)
Yoshihiro Yonezawa, the creator of Comiket, has died, Geneon’s release of Sherlock Hound is going out of print, and Animeigo proves once again that they actually give a crap because Yawara is going to be released 40 episodes at a time. We then totally steal everything that was said on this episode of Otaku Generation with regards to Animeigo. Oh, and despite mentioning it and probably retracting it a few times already, there is going to be more Genshiken. Really. But it’s only going to be three episodes worth.

Boring AWA 2006 Panel: “Conquering the Internet” (44:39 – 1:36:25)
Yeah, this is pretty bad news. Special thanks to Daizenshuu EX and the Ninja Consultants for showing up. Also, other people from other powerful places were present, but bottom line: we talked about podcasting and didn’t really do that great a job. And by “we” we mean “Daryl.”

Closing (1:36:25 – 1:39:54)
Next week is yet another “bonus” episode as Gerald and Daryl interview Marc Handler. Marc has worked on Voltron, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, FLCL, and oh yeah, the dub of Naruto. Believe it!

Bonus – Otakon 2006 Interviews with Christine Auten and Nobuteru Yuuki

Nope, it’s not a new episode and is not representative in any way of how the actual episodes of Anime World Order are (the most recent show is listed below this update and is about Haruhi Suzumiya, Gall Force, and Requiem From the Darkness), but here’s the audio to our interviews with Christine Auten and Nobuteru Yuuki, conducted at Otakon 2006. We should be back on schedule next week with our reviews of the newly released Limited Edition of Patlabor the Movie 2, the manga Antique Bakery, and the anime series New Getter Robo, in which Daryl may or may not revive his “Anime Then and Now” idea last used in Show #4‘s Area 88 segment and compare the original Getter Robo series to this new one. Don’t you love how decisive we are?

This was recorded by just Daryl on his own, so after listening to this, you’ll have a much better appreciation for Gerald and Clarissa’s presence. Here are rough transcripts of the interviews for those of you who’d rather not hear Daryl or Gerald speak. For the sake of being obnoxious (what, you don’t want to hear ME talk?!), the files are in PDF format, so they not only require you to have Acrobat to view, but are also ten times larger than the original text file. Brilliant!

The following podcasters are folks I ran into at Otakon. Here’s hoping I’m remembering everyone.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re reading it off of our website, so all these links are already on the right-hand side of the screen, but whatever.