List of Titles Shown at Otakon 2021

It’s not a new episode, and we did miss posting one for July, but for those of you who attended Otakon 2021, here’s a list of the titles shown during our panels. We did say we’d put this up so you wouldn’t have to write everything down, didn’t we? If you liked what you heard, we’ve done plenty of anime reviews over the past sixteen years so take a look at our Review Index. The Otakon staff look at their message board to help determine who to bring back next year, so if you liked what you saw, please let them know here!

Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1991
Otaku no Video
Here is Greenwood
Brave of the Sun Fighbird
Dear Brother
Detonator Orgun
Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture
Mobile Suit Gundam: F91 (you can listen to Eternal Wind here)
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Blazing Transfer Student
Mermaid’s Forest (you can listen to Born to Love You here, which I didn’t play during the panel but you should do it anyway)
3×3 Eyes
Only Yesterday
Roujin Z
Rg Veda
Reporter Blues

The Best Openings for Shows You (Probably) Didn’t See (list mostly in order now! Maybe we didn’t actually run Hitoribocchi)
Dear Brother
Girls Last Tour
Samurai Flamenco
Metal Fighter Miku
Getter Robo Arc
Hakumei and Mikochi
Flip Flappers
Maico 2010
Rainbow – Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin (“The Seven from Compound Two, Cell Six”)
Stage! Dream Days
Aim for the Ace
Reporter Blues
Kaiketsu Zorro
Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
Prefectural Earth Defense Force
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle
Galactic Patrol Lensman
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Future Police Urashiman
Idol Project
Towards the Terra
Armor Hunter Mellowlink
Blue Reflection Ray
Nobody’s Boy Remi
Sunday Without God

We also did History of Hentai in English, though we’re not so sure if we should post that list or not. It’s risky to attempt to do Twitch versions of our panels, though it appears that Otakon did stream panels that were held in Panel Room 1 without major incident. Then again, we’re primarily playing videos of stuff we don’t own and talking over them. Perhaps we’d just get no VOD replay? With our luck it’d be a copyright strike…

Anime World Order Show # 193 – Barnacle Jim’s Moisture Levels Were Opposite His Oil Index

We may be losing our grasp on the passage of time, but it’s still almost the end of 2020 and we never finished our 2010s Decade In Review. We’d better get 2018 out of the way RIGHT NOW.

Introduction (0:00 – 37:30)
In the emails, we are asked the question every K-12 teacher has to deal with: what does any of this old convention fandom stuff we talk about even MATTER now, anyway? We’re never going to actually USE this information! OR WILL YOU? Is there value or worth in talking about these anime generational gaps, or is this podcast a grand monument to wasting your time with useless ephemera? Eventually this becomes a discussion regarding THE ALGORITHM, as all things eventually must. Note: the Youtube channel Gerald was referring to but forgot to actually name was the one for Corn Pone Flicks mastermind Matt Murray, whose YouTube name is a reference to the villain from Magnos the Robot.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (37:30 – 41:50)
Time is running out (“ti-ti ti, time is running out” cue Blow It Up from the Red Alert 2 soundtrack) for you to preorder the Irresponsible Captain Tylor Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set. Only two stretch goals remain, and you have until the end of this week* to get your preorders in and lock in what those extras will be, in order to ensure that the set makes its April 2021 release date. (That’s right: unlike those OTHER crowdfund efforts, Right Stuf understands that you can’t just leave stretch goals open indefinitely and that the more stretch goals you have, the longer it can take to finish the project.) We were sent check discs of the set and it’s looking great, even though it defaulted to the English dub on us, and then the Spanish dub which we didn’t remember even existed.

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: 2018 (41:50 – 2:54:16)
We’re almost done. ALMOST done. As another strong candidate for best year of the decade, a decent amount of what we mention as noteworthy from the year 2018 are still pending physical media releases in North America. In fact, quite a few are ones that we just reviewed a few episodes ago. Then again, this podcast’s release schedule is highly irregular, albeit not as irregular as Barnacle Jim who died as he lived: disrespecting his hole.

This year extracts a heavy toll, indeed.