Anime World Order Show # 167 – Beating Multiple Dead Horses Enhanced By Cybernetics

It’s October now, so that does mean we missed September. To make up for it, Gerald has elected to review something thematically appropriate for the Halloween month by doubling up and reviewing both the 1985 Vampire Hunter D as well as its sequel, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust from the year 2000.

Introduction (0:00 – 47:08)
Now that Daryl is back from Anime Weekend Atlanta where he had to do four panels, has turned in his Otaku USA writing assignments, and his spoiler-free review of Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is now up on the Anime News Network, there is once again time to do this podcast. The AWA trip was nearly a disaster since everyone in Florida but Daryl canceled, but thankfully a contingent of the Third Impact Anime podcast crew who went straight from a trip to Japan to a devastating hurricane to Anime Weekend Atlanta (where they not only had a Super Happy Fun Sell table but also collectively did something like 13 hours worth of panels) were able to fill the hotel room we’d reserved. We’ll likely be doing a guest appearance for them soon. In the meantime, Daryl was a guest on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast to discuss an Ebola-caliber topic for which zero cohosts of AWO as well as zero cohosts of Blade Licking Thieves were willing to discuss: the intersection between Japanese animation and professional wrestling fandom.

Over in the emails, with a new season of anime having just gotten underway, we discuss the viewing habits of modern anime fans, how they became that way, and what might be done to make even an incremental adjustment to the practice of “watch so many simulcasts that there’s no time to watch anything else.” As you might guess from the timecode duration of this segment, it takes a while and extends off into multiple tangents, as we are prone to do.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (47:08 – 49:53)
There are only a few days left to meet the stretch goals for the Emma: A Victorian Romance Blu-Ray Kickstarter, the final of which is to dub the second season, so if you’re keen on Kaoru Mori you’ll want to take a look at that. In addition, the license for The Rose of Versailles has expired, so it’s been removed from streaming and the last remaining DVD inventory is on clearance. Get the entire 40-episode series for $22 instead of the usual $80, because once it’s gone it’s not coming back.

Review: Vampire Hunter D (49:53 – 1:27:06) & Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (1:27:06 – 2:04:59)
Since Daryl had already written an article on how vampire anime is mostly terrible back in 2009, reviewed the re-release of the 1985 film back in 2015, and can’t remember if he reviewed Discotek’s Bloodlust Blu-Ray but probably did, Gerald elects to take point on this extended two-for-the-price-of-one review segment. The original Vampire Hunter D theatrical-length OAV from 1985 marked the beginning of an era, and 2000’s Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust marked the end of an era. Blu-Rays are still in print for both the original as well as Bloodlust, though if you want the old Streamline Pictures dub for nostalgia purposes you’ll have to track down the 2000 DVD release from Urban Vision, which does include some extras that weren’t replicated for the current releases. Note: please do not pay $75 for that DVD like that one goof is trying to charge; though it’s long out of print, you should still be able to get that DVD for roughly $10. Daryl checked after the recording, and you can indeed just sync their dub up with the Blu-Ray video if you are so inclined.

Closing (2:04:59 – 2:06:12)
Next episode will be out in just a few weeks, since the Christmas promise must be fulfilled: we’re going to reunite with The Internet’s Mike Toole to talk about yet another robot series written and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino: Gundam Reconguista in G. If you want to listen to the previous episode with Mike where this promise was made as we were talking about Brain Powerd you can do so here to mentally prepare yourself.

Anime World Order Show # 166 – Otakon 2018 and the Murder Schnauzer Needs the D…Agency

In this episode, we have returned from our voyage to Otakon 2018, and offer up our press coverage of same. Then Daryl subjects the gang to the 2016 anime adaptation of the spy mystery series Joker Game.

Introduction (0:00 – 1:04:00)
All three of us were at Otakon in Washington, DC earlier this month. In fact, we were all guests on the Anigamers podcast talking about the convention shortly after it wrapped up on Sunday. THAT IS THE TRUE ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE OF ANI-GAMERS DESPITE CLAIMS OTHERWISE. We give our thoughts on the convention as we experienced it, which–as is true for everyone–is merely a fraction of what went on there. If you 1. were present at Otakon 2. attended our events 3. actually liked them, then please go ahead and leave a post on their message boards. Getting panels at Otakon isn’t easy–even some of ours got turned down!–so favorable feedback helps ensure we continue to get panels approved for next time around.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (1:04:00 – 1:06:58)
The Mobile Fighter G Gundam Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set is now available for pre-order, and it is a Right Stuf exclusive! Get yours in now, since it ships out in December and I think the preorder price is actually going to increase after some point. Everyone else is excited about the shot glass extra, but personally we want to walk around with the replica photograph and ask passersby whether they’ve seen this person. Currently, we have to use the photo of that naked girl Steven Seagal was showing everyone in that one movie. You know, the one where he beat up everybody and nobody laid a finger on him. That one.

Review: Joker Game (1:06:58 – 1:51:34)
Although this entire thing is sure to disappoint Mark Artem, nevertheless we feel compelled to discuss the 12-episode 2016 period piece spy mystery anime Joker Game, for while the anime version was only around for a few short months it turns out that the series has gone on for roughly ten years in one medium or another. Indeed, stage plays for Joker Game are coming out in 2018. Someone out there is digging it. Maybe not Gerald, who simply COULD NOT DEAL with the POWER, but enough people. You just have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. Just a little bit. Opinions are somewhat divided, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that at least this is better than boring-ol’ Night Raid.