Anime World Order Show # 35 – Cromartie, Lain, and THE TRUTH behind Metrocon 2006

No time for a final quality check listen, we’ve got to drive to Anime Weekend Atlanta! Gerald reviews Cromartie High School, Clarissa continues the ABe kick from last week with Serial Experiments Lain, and Daryl unveils a small portion of THE TRUTH he discovered at Metrocon 2006!

Introduction (0:00 – 41:25)
The Garbage Stanley captured in this recording is actually not the current Garbage Stanley. More on that later. In the ever-growing listener mailbox, we’re told that Baltimore isn’t as bad as we think it is, but we remain skeptical since we watched not only Homicide: Life on the Street, but also The Wire aka “a step by step tutorial on how to be a criminal and not get caught by the police.” Then, Paul S. writes in with some proposals about how to combat anime piracy, which means we end up yelling for 20 minutes. Finally, Alex requests recommendations on what anime he should show to people to get them interested in anime, and we each give our thoughts.

Promo: Ninja Consultant (41:25 – 43:10)
Erin and Noah shared a room with Gerald and Clarissa over the weekend, and according to Erin’s testimony, the amount of dirty group intercourse that took place was less than 1%. However, she fell quite ill during the weekend and had to get an emergency pierrotectomy, so perhaps her words cannot be trusted.

Review: Cromartie High School (43:10 – 1:02:56)
Finally, the time has come to answer the burning question! Which is the greater force: the comedy level of Cromartie or the Aryan humor deficiency which flows through the fiber of Gerald’s being? There’s only one way to find out!

Promo: Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast (1:02:56 – 1:03:42)
Multiple episodes of Paul Chapman’s podcast are what we listened to for a good portion of the drive up to Atlanta. Gerald and Clarissa would like to suggest that instead of using only the stock sound effects, he should also have audio clips from the movies thrown in too. Daryl thinks having his mom be on the podcast is a stroke of genius, but Gerald dismisses the opinions of all people who hold PhDs and Clarissa dismisses the opinions of anyone who would state that Halle Berry was the best Catwoman.

Review: Serial Experiments Lain (1:03:42 – 1:26:29)
Clarissa keeps the Yoshitoshi ABe ball rolling by talking about the show that pretty much put him on the map. Logic dictated that Gerald would have to then review Texhnolyze, but he refused so the ABe motif has officially died after a mere two weeks.

Promo: Fast Karate For the Gentleman (1:26:29 – 1:27:34)
In a city ruled by the mob, Dave and Joel have no choice but to fend for themselves, with only their toes and fingers at their disposal. But rather than use those fingers to form a fist, they use them instead to watch anime that is either awesome or awful. But mostly awful. This is why Daryl steals jokes from them constantly, and his next bad anime panel will feature dub clips from Megazone 23 Part 3.

THE TRUTH: Metrocon 2006 (1:27:34 – 1:46:03)
“That had to be the dumbest and most annoying segment I’ve ever listened to…in fact I didn’t listen to most of it.” — the most positive praise we’ve received thus far regarding this segment

With Amano’s World coming up in a few weeks, Daryl thought it wise to actually get the Metrocon segment out. Of course, seeing that this entire segment is a fabrication and doesn’t accurately portray much of what took place at Metrocon, the likelihood of his getting a press badge for that might be low, especially since they listen to this podcast! Whatever, it’s for the sake of jokes.

Pikabellechu, renowned costumer, fanartist, and CONJURER OF FRIGHTENING GHOSTS:

The Brain, wearing my La Parka mask during the Fantasy Masquerade:

The official Fantasy Masquerade concession stand:

Henry (blue helmet) and Spooky Electric (cosplaying as Monkey Punch):

Misha, the Life Master, got to be on Fox News because of this Bridget outfit; the local Fox News affiliate had a TRUTH search going on as well, you see:

A hotel room we’ll NEVER FORGET:

Al Pipes (RIP) and the Melonnaut (RIP):

A sample page from the Metrocon Anime Human Chess Match script, their top event of the weekend:

Stevie B, being a bee and not a puppy:

Click here to see an autograph/sketch made by Stevie B (not work safe)

The Beast of Nature is given a hand in the phat larpz by Ham Samael…

…but the moods of all turn to shock upon seeing that Henry has become the new Garbage Stanley, since the way you become Garbage Stanley is that you have to eat the previous Garbage Stanley:

Garbage Stanley later participated in a vampire LARP and survived.

Closing (1:46:03 – 1:48:39)
Next time on AWO, which really should have come out by now except Daryl spent the last two days not editing anything, Daryl will review the 2004 remake of Hi no Tori, Clarissa gives us another yaoi title review with Embracing Love, and Gerald reviews Manga Video’s re-release of Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro. Or, as the packaging reads “Lupin the III.” That’s like writing “$10 dollars,” people!

Anime World Order Show # 33 – Listener Feedback with Dave Merrill, Fandom Hero

In our longest podcast to date, we were supposed to get caught up on responding to listener feedback with our special guest, the now-retired head of Anime Weekend Atlanta / Corn Pone Flicks member / Anime Hell founder / comicbook creator / Totally Lame Anime expert / co-creator / no longer a “Cap’n,” Dave Merrill. But we got too preoccupied with having him impart his wisdom to us so that our kung fu might become stronger. Oh, and we did this interview on his birthday.

Introduction (0:00 – 1:15)
Shortest introduction ever! Or perhaps it’s the longest, considering what this episode is!

Let’s News! (1:15 – 24:02)
Fine, so we’re weeks late in getting to this. Bandai issued a press release warning everyone that if they fansub Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society, they’d be prepared to dispatch lawyers in order to defend their intellectual property. While they’re perfectly right to do so from a legal perspective, we weigh in on the significance of such an action and whether or not what they’re trying to do is actually harmful to them in the long run. Comparisons to the MPAA and RIAA result, which leads to us talking about the effectiveness of their anti-piracy efforts and what could be done. Nikkei BP did an article on the state of Japan’s animation industry, which is to say “not that great.” Finally, Bandai follows up their Liver Blow that was the fansub warning with this Gazelle Punch: they’re not going to allow exchanges of the old Zeta Gundam DVDs from the box set (the ones with awful subtitles) for the newer Zeta Gundam DVDs included in the individual sets (which have fixed subtitles). Daryl bought that set, and he is less than thrilled over this development.

Promo: Rangercast (24:02 – 24:47)
The sentai panel at Otakon was probably one of the best ones there, and this podcast is run by the guy who ran that panel. If it’s true about TV-Nihon wanting this guy gone because he DARED to suggest that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is sentai, then tokusatsu fandom is in even worse shape than we would have imagined.

Then we talked to Dave for the rest of the show. Additional show notes to come, but for now I’ll throw in the promo times.

Promo: R5 Central (1:05:12 – 1:06:16)
Speaking of tokusatsu, Mike made us a custom promo based upon the fact that Daryl lost his mind hearing that robot girl “Ai” voice being used for extended periods of time during his three-part Anime Central report. The observation that Gerald’s voice sounds as though Carl Macek is directing his words is entirely his own, though it is an idea not without merit. Man. One of these days we should get back to making political attack ads against the other podcasts.

Promo: GeekNights (1:39:59 – 1:41:05)
We have been informed that the promo we chose to play is actually the promo they made which was intentionally bad and meant to prevent people from wanting to listen. We have one of those too, actually. It is also our only promo. Anyway, check out Rym and Scott’s show. They’re a dynamic [100% heterosexual] duo for the new millennium.

Promo: Anime Pulse (2:01:03 – 2:01:33)
Do you know how frightening it is to have to write that timecode? DO YOU?! Old Man Chigo is the aspect of the Anime Pulse promos that we here at the Anime World Order relate to best. Even though they’re older than we are.

Closing (2:15:12 – 2:23:02)
Next time, we’re going to do a normal show for once! Remember those? The ones WITHOUT con reports or guests, where we talked about anime and stuff? Gerald’s reviewing the uncut version of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Clarissa’s tackling that mad outlaw Captain Harlock as she tells us all about Arcadia of My Youth, and Daryl steps up to his role as a Certified Anime Authority by reviewing the much-requested Haibane Renmei. Also, Gerald makes an outlandish bet which he didn’t realize was stacked horrendously against him until it was too late. Fortunately it will NEVER come to pass. Never ever.