Bonus – 2000-2002 In Review With TV’s Matt Alt

Two months after everyone else on the planet has done THEIR decade in review, we decide it’s time we start on ours! With special guest, TV’s Matt Alt from AltJapan!

This was not stolen from the Hot Tears of Shame podcast.
This was not stolen from the Hot Tears of Shame podcast. We made it ourselves.

MOST DANGEROUS Matt Alt is the author of books and things, but it’s cool because they have pretty pictures:
Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide
Hello, Please! Very Helpful Super Kawaii Characters from Japan
Super #1 Robot: Japanese Robot Toys, 1972-1982

Perhaps you have read Matt Alt’s articles within the pages of Otaku USA magazine, the finest of all magazines which you should buy/subscribe to if you love us as much as you say you do. Perhaps you have heard of the Japanese adventures Matt Alt has undertaken on the Hot Tears of Shame podcast. Or perhaps you have read about the exploits, adventures, and conquests of Matt Alt on your favorite Wapanese gamer blog. Or maybe you missed it because there are like, 70 updates a day on that site. Craaaaaaaaaaaazy, man. Regardless, the AWO decade in review will build off of Matt Alt’s writings at, namely this article.


Anime World Order Show # 85b – We Meet Again, Captain Buttwipe

It took several years to get to the second in the trinity of the Holy Manga Video Trinity of Suck (the first being Angel Cop and the third being Mad Bull 34 by Kazuo Koike). But that’s because Violence Jack is the least clip-worthy of the three, cut or uncut. After roughly two years of putting it off, Daryl finally reviews this behemoth, the shonen work that established modern-era post-apocalyptic fiction as we know it.

May as well start another thread for this post. The previous thread was a little large and partially carried over from the old site, and if we ever stop manually updating the RSS feed via text editor then it’ll help if we have one blog post per podcast enclosure.

Other news: Daryl has a new article up on the Otaku USA website. As a supplemental piece to the print magazine’s Halo: Legends feature, he’s written a brief overview of anime anthologies. We’ll also be doing panels at Megacon 2010 as well as Anime Boston 2010. There will assuredly be more conventions where you can see us this year, but so far those two are confirmed. But if anyone wants to provide us free plane tickets and lodging for Fanimecon, we’re all ears!

Helpful Captioning
See? Violence Jack and Legend of the Galactic Heroes have SOMETHING in common. The Nish approves.