Anime World Order Show # 134 – Ardith Carlton, Who Aims to Win Wonderful Tomorrow

In this episode, we’ve finally managed to get hold of Ardith Carlton! Ardith’s contributions to the early days of American anime fandom are significant, but “The Legend of Success Ardith” is one of hard work and guts in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These days Ardith lives in Japan, so if that’s your dream then listen on to find out what it takes!

01:45 – Ardith discovers Japanese animation and discusses what it was like for her being into cartoons and Marvel comics circa the 1970s
18:30 – How Ardith first went to Japan while in high school, what her first encounters with unaltered manga and anime were of, and how it all came about
32:55 – Be Forever Yamato and why much of the the July 1980 issue of Animage is burned into Ardith’s brain
47:30 – What anime was running (and re-running) on Japanese television in the summer of 1980
50:55 – Ardith returns to the United States, enters college and eventually discovers other anime fans exist
59:50 – Ardith’s involvement with Space Fanzine Yamato, the first American fanzine created that was devoted to one single anime title. You can reference Steve Harrison’s account over at Let’s Anime. An archive scan of the fanzine itself is presumably somewhere on Cosmo DNA, but I can’t find it. That Spring 1980 issue of Fanfare was also scanned somewhere, and now I can’t find THAT either.
1:01:35 – Coming up with THE SECRET LYRICS~! to Galaxy Cyclone Braiger! In 2015, context for the Ugly Robot Anthem is just one click away.
1:05:35 – Ardith’s work on Robotech Art I and how that experience plus THE ROBOTECH PEOPLE sapped her of all the boundless enthusiasm you’ve heard in her voice up until this point such that she vanished from anime entirely for eleven years
1:15:00 – On what it ultimately took to pull up roots and return to Japan to attend the Winter Comiket after all that time away
1:25:00 – Everything comes full circle as Ardith ends up at her current job working at HobbyLink Japan as a result of that which has transpired before (note: HLJ dot com is a site we dare not directly link to because once you’re looking at it, you’re liable to start wanting all the shiny things)
1:30:30 – Ardith starts to talk about anime song events as documented on her awesomely out-of-date website Anison Central, which would’ve tied into the other big thing she’s involved with nowadays until A TERRORIST ATTACK disrupted the podcast and severed the connection to Japan

If you’re feeling the sting of that shocking finale and need to hear more Ardith Carlton RIGHT NOW, Ardith Carlton: An Awesome Life is a four-part interview with Ardith conducted by Tim Eldred at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014. Sound off in the comments if you’d like us to have her on again!

Anime World Order Show # 133 – Celebrating Nine Years (By Copying The Success of Others)

To celebrate roughly nine years of this podcast existing, Gerald has decided to do this episode in the style of a podcast he ACTUALLY enjoys: Atomic Trivia War 9000, which Daryl’s 2011 guest appearance on went so disastrously that neither Gerald nor Clarissa could muster the bravery to send them a Tweet saying “hey, can WE be on too since we’re well-rounded people who know how to bake?” in the three years since out of fear of rejection. Gerald’s got the questions, and perhaps we have the answers. Joining us for this episode is Paul “White Daryl” Chapman from Otaku USA Magazine and The Greatest Movie EVER! podcast.

Introduction (0:00 – 30:17)

It takes us about 11 minutes to get all these shills out of the way regarding other stuff we’re doing:

  • Two Bad Dudes Gaming, the Youtube videogaming channel which Gerald contributes to. If you want to see and hear Gerald scream in a high-pitched manner, be sure to watch the video of him playing Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  • Manga Cross-Stitch, by Helen McCarthy
  • The free Otaku USA Magazine anime PDF guide, consisting of articles from Daryl, Paul, and various other past AWO guests such as Tim Eldred, Mike Dent, Evan Minto, Erin Finnegan, and so on. If you like it, consider subscribing either in print or digitally (Kindle, iOS, Android, etc).
  • DB30Years, a free PDF zine created in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball featuring a contribution from Daryl
  • Colony Drop is also working on another fanzine, this time entirely about Mobile Police Patlabor, which hopefully Daryl will actually have a finished and usable article for when it (hopefully) comes out in the next few months
  • Lupin the Third: Napoleon’s Dictionary, an upcoming Discotek/Eastern Star release featuring a commentary track with Anime News Network’s Mike Toole as well as Daryl
  • GME Anime Fun Time is Paul’s monthly anime podcast which often features someone from AWO on as a guest
  • PSP-TV’s Channel OF DOOM! is two hours of Japanese and independent pro wrestling matches selected by Daryl every week. The playlist switches over Wednesday at 8 PM, though it stays up in rotation for the entire 7 days.

We finally get around to answering an email at around the 11:15 mark. IS ANIME OVER? The latest Astro Boy is going to be a Japan/France co-production, after all. Nothing can stop Shadow Rollins. IS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD? [Captain Harlock’s mouth hangs agape. Pink Floyd plays in background. Freeze frame.] And isn’t the only good Lupin the Third the parts Hayao Miyazaki made, because Hayao Miyazaki is without peer and everybody sucks except him, per what is suggested in his book essays and The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness?

Anime Trivia War Over 9000 (30:17 – 2:01:56)
Gerald, in conjunction with his Twitter followers, has assembled a series of questions to ask Daryl, Clarissa, and Paul. Score is kept such that the victor is to receive a prize in keeping with the true spirit of competition and uh, Christmas. For the record: the prize promised to the victor was never given. The scoring may also have been Clive Anderson’d. Marvel at what we know, and scream at your podcast player over what we don’t.