Anime World Order Show # 107b – Unico and The Adventures of Catgirl and Count Date Rape

If you thought we were done with this A and B nomenclature thing just because we said we were, THINK AGAIN. We were going to have this after the Otakon 2012 report but things were running long, so here’s where Gerald reviews the Discotek Media releases of The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico in the Island of Magic.

Unico is totally affordable and easy to get these days. Both The Fantastic Adventures of Unico as well as Unico in the Island of Magic will run you about $15.

As perfect supplemental viewing to Unico, Daryl was on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to discuss the Most Dangerous film of 2012 aka The Raid: Redemption.

10 Anime You’ve Never Heard of But Must See – Otakon 2010

For those attending our panel at Otakon 2010 (and those simply curious), here is the list of titles shown in the order they were presented.

  • 0. [Pre-panel sound check] Brother, Dear Brother
  1. Future Police Urashiman
  2. Blazing Transfer Student – Gainax spoof of shonen action/adventure
  3. Natsuki Crisis – girl’s martial arts OAV that has actual cool fight scenes instead of cheap animation and clothes tearing off
  4. Yatterman (2008) – seen inĀ  Tatsunoko vs Capcom, though Anime Obama is not a hidden character
  5. Flying Phantom Ship – aka Flying Ghost Ship; Dave Merrill has the best writeup at the link provided
  6. Gozenzo-sama Banbanzai – Situation comedy by Mamoru Oshii (Sky Crawlers, Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, Urusei Yatsura, etc); review coming next episode
  7. Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature – on one hand, swordfights on motorcycles! On the other hand, this is one of those Osamu Tezuka works furries cherish…
  8. Queen Millennia the Movie – Leiji Matsumoto done Michael Bay style due to being a condensed retelling of the TV series
  9. Crystal Triangle – probably the most “controversial” pick. Hiroshi Koujina, guest of the convention, was an animator on this. He claims he doesn’t remember it!
  10. Penguin Memories – there are no words; this is probably the only one on the list you’ll probably have a hard time finding online. Check NicoNico or Youtube
  11. Bonus: Sci-Fi Harry – weirdo kid gets bizarre psychic powers that murder people; it’s a TV show but many of the more choice clips from thisĀ  would be questionable to show at that hour of the convention

If you attended the panel and enjoyed it, please be sure to post in this thread on the Otakon web boards saying so since otherwise the staff won’t easily get word of it. [Note from Daryl: please don’t post there asking “why doesn’t Daryl have more panels?” It makes me look bad because it makes it seem like I’m telling you to do that, which hurts more than it helps.] If you’ve got direct feedback for the panelists themselves [us], then post a comment here since otherwise WE won’t easily get word of it!

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