Anime World Order Show # 64b – Walter and Rob II: Now With Wacky Sound Effects

This is Part 2 of our interview with Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon. You probably want to listen to Part 1 first.

With special appearances by Paul Chapman as well as EE “Doc” Finnegan and “Thundersub Blue” Noah! And callouts to a dangerous man, another man without an RSS feed just yet, and the Most Dangerous.

UPDATE: the first episode of Mike Toole’s video podcast, The Anime Jump Show, is now live! But be on alert, fellow Adeptus Gekigartes! The immortal enemy has shown itself in the comments section! RALLY, my brothers, and BANISH the dread spectre back to the shadows whence it came!

There’s six and a half minutes of just Daryl talking at the beginning. Or skip to around that point for when the interview starts. Gerald deleted his quote from Walter Amos’ lady friend about how she described Lohengramm as “eminently fuckable.” Half of this recording is still about LoGH, and he was courteous enough to delete the various blasphemous comments by Clarissa (and Walter…and Rob…) levied towards J.C. PAUL VON OBERSTEIN~! and JOB TRUNIHT~!, but still. Damn him. Damn him to Hell!




Anime World Order Show # 64 – Interview With Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon, Part 1

Apologies for the one month delay between episodes. Anyway, we’re back with Part 1 of an interview we conducted with Walter Amos and Rob Fenelon back at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007.

We were busy this past month. Many things happened. This picture summarizes the situation as it stands in the present:

But THIS picture summarizes the situation as it will be in THE FUTURE:

There are videos that will be uploaded to Youtube once we figure out how to substantially brighten them since they were filmed at night without night vision mode. They involve swords and explosives, possibly used in tandem with one another.

We should probably put up actual, honest-to-goodness show notes and supplemental links for this one, given the nature of the discussion. But that would require me to find some. For now, the podcast promos played in this episode are for: Destroy All Podcasts DX, Rangercast, and Greatest Movie EVER!. Oh right, PT Chapman is a special guest host for this episode!

Next time on AWO, Daryl’s playing catch up to make up for his month of ennui by giving his boring con report on the New York Anime Festival, Gerald’s reviewing Sonic Soldier Borgman, and Clarissa’s breaking through the heavens with Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann! By the way, if people are interested in actually getting T-shirts or hoodies with our hilariously goofy AWO logo, let us know. If enough people want them, we can actually get them made! Here’s some links to stuff that got mentioned on the show:

  • Rob in his Desslok costume at AnimeCon ’91 – check the rest of Walter’s videos for more
  • is a decent source for learning about Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers…or just check our review index since we talk about it fairly often
  • The World Science Fiction Convention – and here’s its never-inaccurate Wikipedia entry; you probably also want to look at the homepage for Philcon and its Wikipedia entry
  • We talked about Astro Boy in Show 60 and Captain Harlock in Show 34, but here’s the ANN links for Kimba the White Lion and Battle of the Planets aka Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
  • Ikkyu-san is one we’ve not seen, and Rob is probably referring to the second Cyborg 009 TV series, not the first. Though he probably saw the movie Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy, since that was released by Best Film and Video. Where’s my review, DAPDX?! Stop reviewing all those live-action movies and Robotech blah and get ON THE BALL
  • Blackhawks was an old DC Comics release and was recently featured in the Justice League cartoon…and there’s one surviving member currently in the Birds of Prey but we aren’t supposed to admit knowing that
  • It’s not clear from just the audio recording, but when Rob mentions The Six Million Dollar Man, Daryl proceeded to dramatically throw upon the table a copy of Cyborg by Martin Caidin (the book that inspired the series) since Paul was reading it on the flight up. The word “serendipity” was used multiple times for the rest of the weekend as a result. “Kismet“? Not so much.
  • Daleks are from some show only watched by geeks, but at least they’re a disciplined lot
  • Ziv International made some dangerously lame dubs long ago, which we’ve played clips from in the past. We want ALL OF THEM.
  • Marine Boy isn’t something we know much about aside from the clips of it used in assorted Corn Pone Flicks productions
  • Asimov Online is a decent portal for learning about the guy. Daryl for some reason can only remember reading all the Norby books as a kid, without actually remembering what they were about
  • Creation conventions still exist after over three decades and they’re still as lame as ever
  • Omni magazine had a 20 year run of sorts, but this sort of periodical is dying out; more on that in Show 64b
  • Miyako Graham, who informed Rob of the word “anime,” was quite involved with Protoculture Addicts and also translated stuff for Newtype and served as an interpreter for Japanese guests. I can’t remember if she’s married to Toren Smith or not since I’ve met neither of them
  • I think the terrifying nature of the EDF was elaborated upon when we interviewed Dave Merrill. The C/FO still exists as one club and still has 8 hour anime club showings once a month, as you can see from their Tripod-hosted website. Fred Patten used to still attend these meetings up until his stroke a few years ago. That logo should clue you in as to what’s up
  • We’d rather not delve too deeply into this, but suffice to say that Mark Merlino, in addition to founding the C/FO with Fred Patten, was also more or less the founder of furry fandom as the Internet scourge we know it as today by virtue of him and his male partner holding zoomorphic gatherings at their home, which they referred to as “furry parties.” The fandom was eventually split between semi-sane people and the people we commonly think of as furries today
  • Chambara movies (that site lists way more than just chambara) are a subset of jidai-geki. Information on Zatoichi is here; I would have said to listen to Popcorn Samurai since he was going to be reviewing one Zatoichi movie each episode, but that podcast faded away rather quickly. Unfortunate, since I don’t know of any podcasts devoted just to talking about samurai movies or kungfu movies. If there are such podcasts, let us know!

Damn it, that’s just the links for like, the first 20 minutes of this thing. You people know how to use Google; do this yourself!