Anime World Order Show # 85d – The Art of Osamu Tezuka: It’ll Stop a Bullet

Clarissa wraps things up by reviewing the hardcover edition (with DVD) of this new coffee table style book by Helen McCarthy. Filled with a variety of never-before-seen pictures from the life and times of Japan’s “God of Manga,” this book is totally worth buying via this link so that we can make like forty cents commission. Remember: it’ll stop a bullet! Disclaimer: the AWO makes no guarantees as to the the size or caliber of the bullet that this book can stop.

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  1. Just ordered Rough Guide to Anime as recommended by Daryl and looking to pick up Helen Mccarthy’s thing as well.

    Out of the blue question, who is Carl Horn and howcome he has so many quotables? Thanks for the great episode

  2. Another show well done, peeps. I just want to go on record as saying I PREFER the breakup format since I get a reliable helping of the show once a week and it helps to reduce the gap between episodes. I like having options. I vote YES on continuing it.

    1. I’d like to echo Tim’s comments. It’s nice to get a steady stream of AWO goodness vs a feast of content followed by a yearning hunger for more.

  3. I too, would like to echo Tim’s comments.
    I initially thought having the show broken up into parts would not be such a good idea but after a month of having a show to listen to on pretty much a weekly basis, it’s definitely a format I support.

    btw, Tim, I was glad to hear you enjoyed the new Yamato movie! I too, thoroughly enjoyed it and even went to see it a second time in the theatres!

  4. I got the Art of Osamu Tezuka book, and I love it. I’m mostly commenting to say:

    I think the narrator in the dvd is same as the Akagi narrator. If so, then this dvd is even more awesome than I thought.

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