Anime World Order Show # 156 – Interdimensional Hipster Beards Abound

After saying we’d do it back during our Garzey’s Wing review and then proceeding to put it off for nearly six years due to fear (hmm, only 56 episodes in six years…), the time has finally come. We’re joined once again by The Internet’s Mike Toole, now Editor-at-Large for the Anime News Network and still the biweekly author of The Mike Toole Show to talk about the six-part ONA series The Wings of Rean.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:54)
We catch up with Mike and quickly summarize what he’s been up to these last five years. Of course, mere days after this episode was recorded, Mike got another “real-world” job so WE ARE ALREADY OUT OF DATE THANKS A LOT JERK. Seriously though, here’s hoping this one lets him work regular human hours (as opposed to the Ajin: Demi-Human hours he typically works). In the email box, we try–and ultimately fail–to solve an all-too common problem one of our listeners has…because we basically all have the exact same problem! I guess the “know-it-all” tag is more of a Bullwinkle J. Moose style “Mr. Know-It-All” one more than anything!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (19:54 – 21:36)
Every day for the month of July 2017, as part of their Birthday Sale, Right Stuf has some massive discounts to check out. Every day there’s also a Mega Deal, so be sure to check every day since the Mega Deal is more often than not for something lots of people actually WANT. But then there’s what WE’RE reviewing! For you see, each volume of The Wings of Rean is a staggering 90% off as part of this sale! Behold the majesty: Wings of Rean DVD 1, Wings of Rean DVD 2, and Wings of Rean DVD 3 can all be yours to own, cherish, and inflict upon your friends and loved ones for pennies on the dollar! No doubt you’ll all rush on over to buy it after hearing…

Review, Or Something, Maybe, I Guess: The Wings of Rean (21:36 – 1:32:25)
I don’t remember what happened during this time. After asking around, none of us remember anything that was said. It can only be assumed that this audio is an accurate representation of the experience of watching venerated Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s latest venture into his fantasy realm of Byston Well, which he vowed to be handled better than Garzey’s Wing. Did he succeed, or is it just a twice-as-long version of Garzey’s Wing minus the legendary bad dub? And why has nobody in all this time bothered to steal our thunder on The Wings of Rean? Or did they and we just can’t remember?

Conclusion (1:32:25 – 1:36:09)
Otakon is a month away, so just in case we don’t get another episode out in time, we’ll all be in attendance and doing panels. Check the schedule or our Twitter feeds for days and times once they’re available. Next time, whenever that may be given that there’s also an Otaku USA deadline coming up, Daryl will review the 2001 theatrical anime adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis. Look forward to it!

Anime World Order Show # 155 – The Japanese Somebody Goofed Isn’t By Chick or Carter

In this episode, Gerald reviews the just-recently concluded (for now, anyway!) Saga of Tanya the Evil. Will this turn out exactly as envisioned, or exactly the opposite? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT.

Introduction (0:00 – 32:20)
The Anime Content Wars of 2017 rage on. While The Anime Network is no more, it has been replaced by HiDive, which is currently the exclusive home of the legal release of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Somewhere in the mix we end up talking about Patlabor, because of course we do. Since the world has forgotten (or tried to forget), we also saw fit to mention Mighty No. 9 and Lucky Star. But also Gamera. It all made sense at the time. Oh, by the way, we are approved for Otakon panels!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (32:20 – 34:27)

Review: Saga of Tanya the Evil (34:27 – 1:21:21)
Gerald gives his thoughts on one of the more recent popular titles of 2017 which has been embroiled in its share of online fan debates with regards to its content. Was Daryl right to summarily judge the content of the series by its thumbnail image and description, or is there more beneath the veneer as is often claimed about these things?

Not enough AWO for you? We were on the latest episode of the SpeakerPodCast to give our thoughts on Macross Delta. Remember that show even existed?