Anime World Order Show # 176 – We Made It Through This Entire Episode Without Mentioning Mario Kart

Cheer up.

The listeners have demanded it: we must return to our roots! After playing some audio submissions from LISTENERS LIKE YOU, Daryl reviews the 2018 theatrical film, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms.

Introduction (0:00 – 39:03)
Not one, but TWO people recently sent in MP3s for us to play on air; a thing we used to encourage listeners to do but stopped since well, nobody really ended up doing it all that much. Maybe it’s a lot easier to do now that phones have voice recorder apps. While things start off with discussion on Lupin the Third, this ultimately results in us, a trio who don’t typically listen to a whole lot of English anime dubs, talking about anime dub directors of note. Do you have any that we didn’t bring up? Be sure to let us know!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (39:03 – 41:48)
The Limited Edition of Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is exclusively available from Right Stuf, so if you like this movie it’s the definitive edition to get. The Shout! Factory release has some odd technical issues that aren’t present in Right Stuf’s Limited Edition, and the extras are worthwhile if you’re a fan of the material or the creator.

Review: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (41:48 – 1:50:01)
The first feature film primarily produced by PA Works is also the directorial debut of celebrity anime screenwriter Mari Okada. The results are rather polarizing among the three of us, as there is by no means a universal consensus, so you know what THAT means: we need YOU to comment/email/Tweet etc. to let us know how thoroughly correct or utterly wrong or dangerously myopic about the things we forgot to even bring up about this movie!

Anime World Order Show # 175 – Now Akira, It’s Your Turn to Wear the Demon Skull

Now that Devilman Crybaby is all the rage–or well, WAS all the rage a year and a half ago–Gerald reviews the Devilman OVAs from 1987, 1990, and 2000.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:36)
This episode was recorded not too long after the previous episode was released, and so there weren’t really any new emails to read. Instead, we read from the comments left on the previous episode AT THIS VERY WEBSITE, which has us contemplating whether the ancient and seemingly dead “dubs vs subs” debate is on the verge of resurgence thanks to the Content Exclusivity Wars of 2019. We also read off the Patrons from our recently-launched Patreon page, since while nobody has yet to offer suggestions on what we should do for these tiers, that seemed like the least we could do. The link to that is up in the top right corner along with all the other stuff.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (19:37 – 22:21)
Preorders for The Big O 20th Anniversary set are now live, for those wishing to own the series on Blu-Ray with steelbook packaging as well as an artbook. You can also pick up Discotek’s Blu-Ray release of the Devilman OVAs should you be inclined to do after hearing this episode’s review.

Review: Devilman OVAs (22:22 – 1:17:35)
Now that virtually everything Devilman is available in the United States, how do those old OVAs hold up? Especially now that you don’t have to watch them dub-only, thus making it okay to appreciate that dub for its meme-ability? Gerald takes a look at Devilman: The Birth, Devilman: Demon Bird Sirene, and the as-yet-unlicensed Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. Sorry, no CB Chara Nagai Go World this time around, and Mazinger Z vs Devilman was a movie not an OVA so we just briefly acknowledged it.  Yes, Cyborg 009 vs Devilman is an OVA, but that’s not technically in continuity either. The point is, on THIS podcast we support Ryo Asuka’s old hairstyle and coat design over the Crybaby one everybody knows and loves.