Anime World Order Show # 159 – Our Annual Holiday Trivia Episode, 8 Episodes Since the Previous One

It’s once again Thanksgiving time, which means it’s time for another trivia episode! We’re joined by animal handler, alcohol connoisseur, cosplayer, and anime nerd “Ore Wa” Emma Bowers as Gerald unleashes another barrage of trivia questions for us to either not know, pretend to not know, and in some cases actually know! Clocking in at about two and a half hours, this is the perfect thing to listen to rather than interact with your visiting relatives who you can’t stand to talk to anyway!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (53:54 – 56:26)
Look. Daryl didn’t have time to record a promo himself. So he had some special guests do so on his behalf. The important thing to note is that from Black Friday through much of December, Right Stuf has got hundreds of items on sale, and every day is a special Cart Buster deal that’ll be 50% off, so check daily. Oh, you should totally click that affiliate link we use when doing so also since I think that counts for something.

Anime World Order Show 158 – Twilight, I Only Meant to Stay a While and Do a Terrorism

For this SPOOKY HALLOWEEN edition of Anime World Order, we’re um…not even attempting to review anything scary whatsoever, as Gerald weighs in on one of the most popular and beloved anime titles of the decade, the 2016 anime film Your Name by Makoto Shinkai.

Introduction (0:00 – 25:24)
It’s been pointed out to us that a lot of the old THE TRUTH image links are currently broken. Worry not, all of the images are still there. We just need to fix the links…someday. As far as emails go, what are our thoughts on all this “yuribait” in anime, anyway? This predictably goes off-topic FAST.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (25:24 – 27:01)
With Your Name about to come out in a week, now’s a fine to point out that Right Stuf offers 25% off all preorders. In the case of Your Name, that means with a Got Anime? membership, the price of the regular edition works out to $25.54 for the standard Blu-Ray/DVD combo and $55.84 for the limited edition that includes the soundtrack and hardcover artbook. Those are way better prices than Amazon, especially if you live in states where Amazon charges tax like we do!

Review: Your Name (27:01 – 1:04:45)
Gerald offers a mostly spoiler-free review of Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, and in the process touches upon his filmography to date since it turns out that we’ve not really talked about the guy’s work since 5 cm Per Second back in 2010. But what is there to say about one of the most commercially successful, most critically acclaimed, and most fan beloved anime titles of the decade that hasn’t been said already? Is there even anything to add to the conversation? Wait, is this going to be one of those deals yet again where Gerald hates the cartoon?! THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FOR YOU TO FIND OUT THE ANSWER.