Anime World Order Show # 149 – Otakon 2016 and This Time It’s The GUY Who Leapt Through Time

We missed the entire month of August, so we may as well double up with our con report on Otakon 2016 as well as Clarissa’s review of the recent NoitaminA series Erased.

Introduction and Con Report: Otakon 2016 (0:00 – 1:03:00)
So why did we miss a month? Mostly writing deadlines and making Otakon panels; here’s what we showed at the latter. Daryl opted to put the two together, so you can head over to Anime News Network and read his online write-up version of Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1986. If you attended our Otakon panels and would like to leave feedback that the convention staff will see, you may do so here.

All three of us were guests on the Ani-Gamers podcast to discuss Otakon 2016, along with the Reverse Thieves (who’ve also covered Otakon 2016 in blogs and their own podcast, The Speakeasy) as well as Carl from Ogiue Maniax. Fine, we’re late to this party.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (1:03:00 – 1:04:39)
The preorder page for Big Windup Season 2 is finally live. We reviewed the series way back in 2008, and since it did infamously poorly for FUNimation such that they won’t be licensing any more sports anime (and haven’t really since!), if you find yourself liking modern sports series then this upcoming release from Nozomi Entertainment / Lucky Penny is one you’ll want to support.

Review: Erased (1:04:39 – 1:53:33)
Clarissa reviews this recently-concluded suspense anime series that is referred to in the original Japanese (and on the pirate sites) as “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi,” which does NOT translate directly to “Erased” but we’re still going to call it “Erased” anyway. Please note we start venturing into spoiler territory about halfway through the review, but we do preface when that happens. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s currently available via multiple streaming services (Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, Daisuki). We recommend watching it that way before committing to the physical media release which is one of Aniplex’s.

Closing (1:53:33 – 1:54:33)
Anime Weekend Atlanta is just a few weeks away, so our next episode will most likely be after that. That’s typically our last anime convention of the year, though. With Anime in 1986 fresh on our minds, Gerald has stepped up to keep his vow he’s silently kept for many months now and review Ai City, a gem of a feature-length anime title which has remained largely ignored for the past 30 years. Perhaps we shouldn’t have said up front this is what we’re reviewing, since now by the time our episode comes out someone else will have churned something out to beat us to the punch, but being first to anything was never our strong suit.

Anime World Order Show # 148 – The Zombie Train Need Not Stop At Pizza Hut

We’ve got a bit of time between one convention and another, so Gerald takes this opportunity to review the recently-concluded Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Introduction (0:00 – 41:30)
We actually get through TWO emails this time! The only titles we can remember about early era fandom have to do with Gainax, so we mention our previous review of The Notenki Memoirs (now readable online here) as well as Otaku no Video (now available on Blu-Ray). We also give our thoughts on why Leiji Matsumoto seems to be relatively unknown among modern anime fans compared to Osamu Tezuka and the like.

  • Space Battleship Yamato: The Making of an Anime Legend is still available at reasonable prices, but you probably want to act quickly if you don’t own that already
  • The phrase “active viewing” was a term Evan Minto over at Ani-Gamers coined. Now that he’s on Crunchycast he’s far more famous than we ever were. They have VIDEO, you see.
  • Ten Old-School Anime Classics You Can Watching Streaming Right Now is liable to become obsolete fast, but for now it’s most still all right
  • Here’s Daryl’s interview with Unified Pictures, the production company developing a Vampire Hunter D animated series co-production with Japan
  • Daryl was also on the GME! Anime Fun Time podcast to talk about Giant Robo: The Animation but as that is spoiler-heavy you should listen to our podcast review instead if you haven’t seen it yet
  • Promo: Right Stuf Anime (41:30 – 42:40)
    The current sale as of this recording is for Kodansha manga titles, so even if Battle Angel Alita isn’t your thing, you can still get volumes titles such as Akira, Attack on Titan, A Silent Voice, and plenty of others at low prices. Shipping is free once you spend $49, which happens pretty fast if you’re buying complete sets of manga.

    Review: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (42:40 – 1:22:52)
    Gerald’s review of the non-union Mexican equivalent of Attack on Titan is late to the party when it comes to Snowpiercer, Lightning Train, and Yukina’s Batista-caliber delts and traps references. But we were never on the cutting edge of anything, so WHATEVER. If you thought we were going to embed a picture of those activated back muscles in the MP3 of this episode, GUESS AGAIN. We’re PIONEERS in our own way!

    Anime Festival Orlando is next weekend, Otakon is shortly afterwards, and Otaku USA magazine deadlines fall right in between. We’re going to be busy for a while, but next time we do a review it’ll be for Erased. We may just do an episode where we give our early impressions on the currently airing season in the interim though.