Anime World Order Show # 166 – Otakon 2018 and the Murder Schnauzer Needs the D…Agency

In this episode, we have returned from our voyage to Otakon 2018, and offer up our press coverage of same. Then Daryl subjects the gang to the 2016 anime adaptation of the spy mystery series Joker Game.

Introduction (0:00 – 1:04:00)
All three of us were at Otakon in Washington, DC earlier this month. In fact, we were all guests on the Anigamers podcast talking about the convention shortly after it wrapped up on Sunday. THAT IS THE TRUE ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE OF ANI-GAMERS DESPITE CLAIMS OTHERWISE. We give our thoughts on the convention as we experienced it, which–as is true for everyone–is merely a fraction of what went on there. If you 1. were present at Otakon 2. attended our events 3. actually liked them, then please go ahead and leave a post on their message boards. Getting panels at Otakon isn’t easy–even some of ours got turned down!–so favorable feedback helps ensure we continue to get panels approved for next time around.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (1:04:00 – 1:06:58)
The Mobile Fighter G Gundam Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set is now available for pre-order, and it is a Right Stuf exclusive! Get yours in now, since it ships out in December and I think the preorder price is actually going to increase after some point. Everyone else is excited about the shot glass extra, but personally we want to walk around with the replica photograph and ask passersby whether they’ve seen this person. Currently, we have to use the photo of that naked girl Steven Seagal was showing everyone in that one movie. You know, the one where he beat up everybody and nobody laid a finger on him. That one.

Review: Joker Game (1:06:58 – 1:51:34)
Although this entire thing is sure to disappoint Mark Artem, nevertheless we feel compelled to discuss the 12-episode 2016 period piece spy mystery anime Joker Game, for while the anime version was only around for a few short months it turns out that the series has gone on for roughly ten years in one medium or another. Indeed, stage plays for Joker Game are coming out in 2018. Someone out there is digging it. Maybe not Gerald, who simply COULD NOT DEAL with the POWER, but enough people. You just have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. Just a little bit. Opinions are somewhat divided, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that at least this is better than boring-ol’ Night Raid.

Anime World Order Show # 164 – Where’s Airline Pilot Nicolas Cage When You Need Him

We’re all guest panelists at AnimeNEXT June 8-10, even if the website doesn’t list us because we’ll bring down the prestige of the REAL guest panelists on account of our lousy work ethics and lack of proper portrait photos! This leaves us with a limited window in which to get an episode out, and so Gerald has elected to talk about the recently-concluded (for now?) Girls’ Last Tour.

Introduction (0:00 – 26:17)
After neglecting to read any emails last time, this time we’re back on the track as we talk about Android Kikaider and Bandai Entertainment’s peculiar decisions when it came to advertising Japanese animation in this country. We can remember these things, but not who ran the dang thing. Par for the course with us GET IT GET HUH YOU GET IT PAR FOR THE COURSE IT’S ABOUT GOLF. Anyway, we know there is a truckload of great anime airing right now, but you will find it in your best interests to begin prioritizing Space Battleship Yamato 2202 since it’s finally available in English for the first time courtesy of Crunchyroll and FUNimation. If you didn’t see Space Battleship Yamato 2199, worry not because the entire series is available for streaming right now, both with Japanese subtitles as well as English dubbed.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (26:17 – 28:35)
We strongly considered just having this promo be in honor of the fact that as we post this, the current publisher sale is for Fakku and thus everything in the sale is porno. We considered it might be good to read title covers and advertising copy. But ad copy for porno is no good until it’s written in questionable English. And don’t you start with us by talking about some “clever” pun some bored ad person thought up which summarizes the Softcel / Kitty etc approach. We’re talking about FACTS here, such as the FACT that Goku: Midnight Eye is a fine mystery anime, with the great mystery behind it being “why didn’t they just keep letting Yoshiaki Kawajiri make more of this since the manga went on way further?”

Review: Girls’ Last Tour (26:17 – 1:00:01)
In general, we are an anti-spoiler heavy podcast since in most cases, knowing too much about something you’re about to see deprives you of the intended experience of discovering it at the moment the narrative intends you to. So it goes with this somewhat cryptic review of Girls’ Last Tour, in which Gerald implores you, dear listener, to trust in his past judgment which has never led you astray before and just go watch this series. But for the rest of you who still remember that time Gerald tricked you into watching Harmagedon, there is this review which is more or less spoiler-free while still conveying its appeal. Namely, moe blobs, Axis hardware, and environmental storytelling superior to that Bethesda crap or “dying person wrote several words in blood” stuff videogames have overused. Will his warm reception to this change Gerald’s mind on Haibane Renmei, 11 years later? We’ll just have to wait and see.