Bonus – Voicemails We Put Off Answering For Too Long

We keep asking for voicemails, but we never seem to play them. Here we shall rectify this and also procrastinate on releasing Show # 50.

This one’s pretty short compared to what we usually do, but that’s because we all had nightmarish tasks to contend with. Here’s some time markers:

Introduction / Let’s News! (0:00 – 15:10)
The American Anime Awards winners were announced a while back, and everyone’s said their piece on the matter and let it die already…EXCEPT FOR US. Beating that dead horse aside, Broccoli Books is launching a new BL imprint entitled Boysenberry and the trailer for Paprika is on the Apple website. Daryl is intentionally NOT watching that trailer since there is a good chance that the movie won’t show in Florida at all and he’ll have to catch it on DVD, much as he doesn’t want to know anything about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Damn you New Yorkers and your children’s film festivals!

The remainder is voicemails. Here’s the time each of them start:

16:00 – Michael Wishlow’s review of F

22:18 – Fan-made promo by The Comics Interpreter

27:20 – Roberto from Chicago, IL (actually Italy, so hide the Arctic Circle candy) wants to know what we think of Berserk and Wolf’s Rain

32:41 – Jonathan from Winter Haven, FL lets us know his thoughts on Anime Festival Orlando. 2006. Yeah, we’re way too late in playing this, but he sent us like ten other messages we have to get through eventually and this is a start.

34:38 – In one of our few critique messages, “General Beefy” (who really should just leave one comment instead of multiple ones in a row) is let down at how our show notes haven’t exactly had much in the way of actual informational content for some time. Namely, download links.

38:06 – Anthony from New York was losing interest in anime until we and Anime Pulse came along. He talks about Project A-Ko and asks us our thoughts on Here is Greenwood.

43:16 – Allie from Michigan likes our diversity of titles and the fact that we reviewed Monster and Zipang. Guess we’re doing SOMETHING right!


49:18 – Carter Vance asks a question that was previously asked, though perhaps it was asked after he sent this one in: is it possible to “save” people who only seem to enjoy harem/manufactured moe sorts of anime? And what do we think of Eureka 7 and Fafner?

56:57 – Megan from AMERICA and her friend speak on behalf of the Fangirl Overmind and demand more yaoi reviews! Hmm, we actually haven’t done very many.

58:23 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the lowest achievement in our lives.

1:00:51 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the highest achievement in our lives. Or at least, this episode. After this, we can go no further and wrap things up.

Next time, we hit a PODCASTING MILESTONE with Show # 50. Well, technically it’s the 56th thing we released counting bonus stuff, but don’t let facts get in the way of our glory! In celebration of releasing 50 episodes of nonsense, we’re bringing out the big guns. Gerald’s reviewing Megazone 23 Part 1, Clarissa’s reviewing the criminally-overlooked Princess Tutu, and Daryl knuckles up and reviews something terrifying that you don’t see a lot of people reviewing out of justifiable fear. You’ll know it when you hear it.

1:09:12 – We know we already played one from “General Beefy,” but we couldn’t NOT play this one concerning his thoughts on GeekNights. Wonder if other podcasts get emails like this about us and just don’t play them?

Anime World Order Show # 49 – Actuaries Are Not That Cool In Real Life

Daryl keeps the manga reviews coming with a review of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Clarissa gets back her shojo mojo talking about Loveless, and Gerald celebrates its 20th anniversary by reviewing Dirty Pair: Project E.D.E.N.

I guess I can at least put some timecode stuff up soon. We’ve really been failing at the “additional information links” as of late, though. Still, we can’t possibly be becoming dumb, as this online quiz we found on Livejournal CLEARLY demonstrates: says I'm 2% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Somehow we get the feeling that EVERYONE gets told that only 2% of the people who took the test are less stupid than they are, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Note to self: AWO Myspace/Livejournal/Facebook is probably a bad idea because of things like this.

Introduction (0:00 – 28:08)
In the emails, we get firsthand confirmation on Overfiend’s negative effects on anime fandom in the UK (BEHOLD! The Ultimate Anime Collection!), as well as firsthand confirmation that Princess Ai does, in fact, suck. Also, we clarify some finer points regarding Giant Robo and exactly what the difference between “shonen ai” and “yaoi” is. Because yes, there is a difference.

Let’s News! (28:08 – 36:39)
The DVD for Arcadia of My Youth is going out of print, Hiroyuki Hoshiyama is dead, and in celebration of their tenth anniversary, Tokyopop is revising their manga ratings system. How exactly is it going to help parents by saying that a comic contains “fanservice”? Like they’d really know what that term means. Also, Steven Foster truly doesn’t understand why the Internet is so mad at him.

Promo: Weekly Anime Review Podcast (36:39 – 37:12)
Aaron’s been missing in action for the last few well, months, but he is back in business! The show may be undergoing alterations to its name and release schedule, but with any luck he’ll still be around, fighting the good fight.

Review (manga): The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume 1 (37:12 – 59:04)
Daryl reviews yet another tricky-to-find Dark Horse manga that is basically “BIZARRO~! Genshiken.” You will be happy to know that a few weeks after this recording, Daryl did manage to locate Volume 2 of this. He has not, however, taken any steps to become an actuary.

Review: Loveless (59:04 – 1:20:36)
Nekomimi…Nekomimi Mode! Nekomimi…oh wait, different show. Clarissa hasn’t done a shojo review in a while, and something had to be done to rid herself of the Austin Powers-level chest hair she developed as a result of watching MAZINKAISER~! last week. Loveless is the answer. It is not to be confused with the Vertigo comicbook by Brian Azzarello that takes place in the Old West and has all kinds of people totally getting shot and killed. We can only wonder how many people there are out there who go into the comicbook shop asking for one and ending up with the other.

Review: Dirty Pair: Project E.D.E.N. (1:20:36 – 1:45:50)
The following details were considered TOO INTENSE for the broadcast, but readers of the show notes may know of it: this anime contains a space butler samurai with a laser sword. Spoilers, schmoilers: this movie is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Suffice it to say that this anime is still awesome to the max. You know what else we forgot to mention? The reason that opening credits sequence is so rad is because it was done by KOJI FUCKIN’ MORIMOTO:

Closing (1:45:50 – 1:48:19)
Next time, in an attempt to delay releasing something named Show # 50 by just that much more, we decide to take it easy and do an episode where we do nothing but answer voicemails. You know how we keep telling people to call or use the Odeo MP3 link, but we don’t seem to actually PLAY them that much? Yeah, that’s our bad. We’re going to try and fix that, but first things first: we gotta clear out what we got.