Bonus – Voicemails We Put Off Answering For Too Long

We keep asking for voicemails, but we never seem to play them. Here we shall rectify this and also procrastinate on releasing Show # 50.

This one’s pretty short compared to what we usually do, but that’s because we all had nightmarish tasks to contend with. Here’s some time markers:

Introduction / Let’s News! (0:00 – 15:10)
The American Anime Awards winners were announced a while back, and everyone’s said their piece on the matter and let it die already…EXCEPT FOR US. Beating that dead horse aside, Broccoli Books is launching a new BL imprint entitled Boysenberry and the trailer for Paprika is on the Apple website. Daryl is intentionally NOT watching that trailer since there is a good chance that the movie won’t show in Florida at all and he’ll have to catch it on DVD, much as he doesn’t want to know anything about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Damn you New Yorkers and your children’s film festivals!

The remainder is voicemails. Here’s the time each of them start:

16:00 – Michael Wishlow’s review of F

22:18 – Fan-made promo by The Comics Interpreter

27:20 – Roberto from Chicago, IL (actually Italy, so hide the Arctic Circle candy) wants to know what we think of Berserk and Wolf’s Rain

32:41 – Jonathan from Winter Haven, FL lets us know his thoughts on Anime Festival Orlando. 2006. Yeah, we’re way too late in playing this, but he sent us like ten other messages we have to get through eventually and this is a start.

34:38 – In one of our few critique messages, “General Beefy” (who really should just leave one comment instead of multiple ones in a row) is let down at how our show notes haven’t exactly had much in the way of actual informational content for some time. Namely, download links.

38:06 – Anthony from New York was losing interest in anime until we and Anime Pulse came along. He talks about Project A-Ko and asks us our thoughts on Here is Greenwood.

43:16 – Allie from Michigan likes our diversity of titles and the fact that we reviewed Monster and Zipang. Guess we’re doing SOMETHING right!


49:18 – Carter Vance asks a question that was previously asked, though perhaps it was asked after he sent this one in: is it possible to “save” people who only seem to enjoy harem/manufactured moe sorts of anime? And what do we think of Eureka 7 and Fafner?

56:57 – Megan from AMERICA and her friend speak on behalf of the Fangirl Overmind and demand more yaoi reviews! Hmm, we actually haven’t done very many.

58:23 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the lowest achievement in our lives.

1:00:51 – The fact that we encouraged and enabled this message to happen is probably the highest achievement in our lives. Or at least, this episode. After this, we can go no further and wrap things up.

Next time, we hit a PODCASTING MILESTONE with Show # 50. Well, technically it’s the 56th thing we released counting bonus stuff, but don’t let facts get in the way of our glory! In celebration of releasing 50 episodes of nonsense, we’re bringing out the big guns. Gerald’s reviewing Megazone 23 Part 1, Clarissa’s reviewing the criminally-overlooked Princess Tutu, and Daryl knuckles up and reviews something terrifying that you don’t see a lot of people reviewing out of justifiable fear. You’ll know it when you hear it.

1:09:12 – We know we already played one from “General Beefy,” but we couldn’t NOT play this one concerning his thoughts on GeekNights. Wonder if other podcasts get emails like this about us and just don’t play them?

46 Replies to “Bonus – Voicemails We Put Off Answering For Too Long”

  1. Dudes, that guy that complained about not finding Homunculus is a complete idiot. It took me like 2 minutes to find it. I think he might just be retarted.

  2. I heard an interesting story for the reason there was four recap episodes in a row on wolf’s rain. During the production the crew producing the show got sick and were out of commission. the show was originally planned for 26 episodes and it aired that way with the very rushed-like last episode. Then on the DVD released they finished the story with episodes 27-30. I tried to find the source of this info but i admit i am too lazy to go thru all my link and translate where i got it from… Laters… E

  3. I think there should be an episode where Gerald and Clarissa just focus on taking subtle jabs at each other for 90 minutes. I’m sure there’s some anime that polarizes you two to the point where it creates such a situation.

  4. Well I looked for it under scanlations and i spelled it Homunkulus instead of Homunculus. Witch lead me on a totally different path, but Clarissa was completely right. She did say exactly where to get the scans. So i ow some people an apology.

    P.S. I am not retarded i am just a republican.


  5. I am proud to have contributed to the lowest point of your lives. For a podcast of your caliber, I’d say this is a worthy accomplishment.

  6. Ok, so I totality agreeing with the idea that there should be a Podcast Anime Awards, specially if you guys are involved.

  7. I’d just like to say that I don’t want to hear anyone else’s reviews on AWO. If I wanted to do that I’d listen to someone else’s podcast. I’m sorry, that sounds really rude doesn’t it? It’s not that that guy’s review was bad, or even that long – I just infinitely prefer your stuff, that’s what creates the certain atmosphere in this show.

    And Clarissa – Princess Tutu review! I now officially love you.

  8. I want some hatemail.

    Quick, someone send Ninja Consultants a voicemail about how me and Joel are “sons of bitches” (make sure to say that three or four times, for IMPACT!!)

    Anyway, I agree with kolibri, I listen to AWO for AWO. I don’t needs to hear other people make with the yammering.

  9. I saw PAPRIKA at Lincoln Center. On my way out, I also saw the first cockroach I had seen in years on the carpeted steps of the theater–admittedly, dead, because it’s a high-class joint. Having lived in Houston for years, it gave me a thrill of nostalgia.

  10. Dave,

    What if it was me or my Doppelganger yammering about how Strawberry Marshmallow is – in fact – the Greatest Anime EVER?


  11. πŸ™
    And I was about to do a review of Getter Robo Armagedon and Saint Seiya Hades. But, I do not want people hating on myself πŸ˜›

  12. Okay, then, Dave. You wanna play rough, I’ll haul out the big guns:

    What if it was Mike Toole, reviewing anything, or simply reading the Yellow Pages with his beautiful man-voice?

    What then, Dave Riley? ;-p

  13. So Daryl, you’re reviewing the Macross movie? Really? For episode 51 are you three reviewing Gravitation, Excel Saga, and Evangelion for shits and giggles? I pray to whatever God or science you believe in for your souls or lack of souls.

  14. Mike Toole is a special case. He’s not a man, he’s a god.

    And you don’t say no to a god.

    …provided he has a sexy man-voice…

  15. It’s not so much about hating as about preference. To a degree it’s about trust: it took me a while to figure out what Gerald, Daryl and Clarissa like and how that relates to my preferences. And now I can say with fair certainty that if Clarissa recommends it I’ll like it, if Daryl recommends it at least my husband will like it, and well, I haven’t quite figured if I have anything in common with Gerald but I find his reviews insightful and interesting anyway. Guest reviews mean nothing to me and your voice would have to be seriously sexy to peek my interest πŸ˜‰

    Some podcasts put this kind of material as extra downloads, maybe if AWO wants to go with quest contributors that’s what you could do these “flash reviews”. That way you can keep your own show for yourself (if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it), but provide extra content for those who do want it.

  16. I agree about the fan review thing. It should be an extra download or put at the end of the show if you happen to get more of them.

    On the subject of Fafner, I thought it was a typical teenage angst + giant robots type anime. I’m not quite sure why it would be considered pretentious/arty. I don’t think it is at all, in either its plot or its presentation.

    Also, that Discipline reading by the 2 girls was disturbing. I hope they aren’t as young as they sound.

  17. Hey guys and gal.

    Darius here. Just now caught up on all your shows. Will have to send you an email at some point to elaborate on more than I want to say here. But three things. 1) Admire you guys for tackling an all-hentai show. Not very easy to do I would imagine. 2) That voicemail with the two young girls doing pseudo-sexy material… was disturbing to say the least. Don’t think I need to hear anything like that again. 3) Macross DYRL is my favorite anime (not the best, mind you but my favorite to pull of a shelf and watch at just about anytime) and I’m curious why you think people are afraid to review it or talk on it or whatever. Will be looking forward to your thoughts on it as well as Megazone 23. Anyways, will email you all soon. Take care in the meantime. PS: Mike Toole does indeed have the most awesome voice in the world. Taken to calling him James Earl Jones Jr at this point…. or maybe Orson Welles Jr. Ah, well. Peace.

  18. In my wildest midnight fantasies, while deep asleep, my girlish baritone transmutes into Mike Toole’s hyper-masculine bass. Would that I had such a voice. πŸ™ How many doors would be opened to me?

    Kick Daryl off the show and bring in Mike. It’s the only solution.

  19. Cool to hear two of my favs will be covered in the next show!

    Akira should’ve won for Best (really “Favorite”) Anime Feature. Glad to hear Fermandez got a lifetime achievement award here. Still havent’ bothered past the first few volumes of Fruits Basket personally. Would be interesting to see if ADV will be doing another one next year (and hopefully keep it within the 2007 timeframe).

    Here in Toledo, we’d be lucky to get a film like Paprika coming over months after it has been seen elsewhere. The only theater designated for the indie/foriegn crap in my town is “Super Cinemas”, a National Amusements reduced-price cinema that has been re-organized to show both the indie/foreign/limited features along with the regular second-rate features and cheap admissions (and the only theater left in Toledo that apparently draws a big crowd who don’t want to spend $6-8 to see a first-run flick). It rather sucks for me since I don’t have the adequate transportation to get down there if ever they even bother to show something I want to see (“Howl’s Moving Castle” got stuck there for a week or so when that made the rounds). There used to be a theater up closer to me that used to be used for all that but National Amusements felt they couldn’t keep it running once they built a new 16-screen complex at the Westfield Franklin Park, and closed up the remaining cinemas in the northern section of town, leaving me with really NO real point in going out of my way to see a movie anymore.

    What also gets my blood boiling is to see those movie gift cards sold at Rite-Aid and Walgreen’s for AMC Theatres, when we haven’t had an AMC theater in over a decade (thanks to National Amusments and their quest to eliminate competition in my stupid town). I keep demanding these stores to remove them right away as no one in thier right mind should buy them unless they aren’t sending them someplace else where someone might have an AMC location to go to. The closest one to Toledo as of now is up in Taylor, Michigan. Really, I can’t stand not having competition down here. πŸ™

    Oh, i see Super Cinemas in Toledo is bother to show “Pan’s Labyrinth” right now, but only one or two times are shown (still piss-poor in my book). If anything, I’ll probably just wait til someone sticks up a hand-cam version of Paprika I’ll download anyway (it hasn’t stopped me before).

    But yeah, I wish I lived in Hawaii during those glory days when channels like KIKU was showing that stuff all the time. Nowadays though I hear that channel’s sliding downhill for quite a while, especially with the use of the FUNimation Channel’s line-up of english-dubbed anime they’re showing on prime-time. Really, the funtimes guys in the 70’s and 80’s had are long gone in today’s world (of course I also wished I was born in LA too). πŸ™

    Thinking about that fan-made promo you showed off, it kinda made me feel too inspired to try something as well, though it would be a minute long and I thought of making it sound like one of those sentimental, light-hearted ones that might go off pretty well given what sound bites I could get out of here.

    Thinking of General Beefy’s comment, I rarely even bother to ask more than what I could find out on my own capabilities. Of course if I can’t find a torrent link for something, I always have eMule as well (or if I’m that desperate, Usenet if I bother going to binary groups again). I do admit, at times, I could spend hours searching for a particular thing as long as I have the drive and nerve to bother with it. Sometimes I end up lucky, or by chance if someone bothered telling me about it first.

    At least I’m not that interested anymore in trying to do a “Disipline reading” now, not after listening to those! Of course the best I could’ve give you guys was a reading in some character voice I could do, and it would be funny but not downright sick like the others have.

  20. Hey, AWOers–

    Since it’s pretty much agreed that the Discipline reading by Max’s Dad is pretty much untoppable, howsabout splitting it off into a separate file and adding it to the easy-to-search-index on the home page?

    It would be like having a pleasure button built right into the back of your head!

  21. I think I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed the fan review of F. He didn’t sound like a fan boy and he provided a bit of history on the show.

    Clarissa the more I listen to you the more I find that our tastes coincide. Could you recommend some year 24 manga to read? I’m tempted to go and buy some Japanese takubons and hope to find some online translations. The only one I’ve read is Kaze to Ki no Uta. Speaking of Kaze to Ki no Uta, I heard it has been licensed. Have you heard of this?

    Daryl and Gerald, both you make me laugh so hard.

  22. Amethist –

    I think I heard a little while ago that if Takemiya’s To Terra is successful, Vertical hopes to bring over some other titles, including Kaze to Ki no Uta. However, I don’t remember hearing a definite licensing announcement.

    As to recommendations, without being very fluent in Japanese and with the low number of scanlations for classic manga, I’ve only seen a bit. But I’d start with Ryoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles, and check out Vertical’s release of To Terra.

    I also enjoyed a short work by Ryoko Ikeda, Claudine, about a transgendered woman, and it’s actually been scanlated by the group Lililicious. That group also did Shiroi Heya no Futari by Yamagishi Ryoko, who I think was also a Showa 24 group writer, it’s an early yuri work.

    Also, I’d say go for Hagio Moto’s They Were 11. I’ve heard good things about her Marginal, Poe no Ichizoku and Zankokuna Kami ga Shihai suru, but I haven’t read them in detail. (You can find descriptions of these and some of her other works here.)

  23. Re: bringing over unknown works. I think that they’re trying to do an end-run around the Internet Fan Problem. That is, they’re trying to avoid the scenario where there’s a lot of internet buzz about Series, and so they license Series and officially translate it and release it, and then it bombs in the market because everyone’s already seen Series in fansubs or scanlations.

    So they’re looking at the hot series, and getting stuff like that. Giving up on the currently-popular stuff because it’s already a lost cause, and trying to anticipate people’s next thing.

    Fafner Versus Evangelion: I think that comparing the two kind of misses the point of what Eva is about. (Prepare for Eva fanwankery!)

    See, the point of Evangelion is not that it’s a giant-robot show; or even that it’s a giant-robot show with an apocalyptic story (we’ve had those before–Ideon, for example.) The idea that makes Evangelion unique is the question that’s central to the series: “What if the kid robot pilot who’s got a secret inner power and is humanity’s only hope was actually NOT THAT GOOD at piloting the robot?” I mean, all three Children are crap. Rei is far too passive to the point of idiocy, Asuka overrates herself, and Shinji has the talent but is so terrified of what he’s doing that he can’t use it.

    Fafner is just angsty.

  24. Vincent said…
    In a totally unrelated note, a new series of Japanorama is starting on BBC3 Monday 19th

    Quick, someone TVRip this and get it online fast! (you know we’re always interested in this)

  25. Quick, someone TVRip this and get it online fast! (you know we’re always interested in this)

    Thank goodness for having an account on UKNova…

  26. exedore said…
    Thank goodness for having an account on UKNova…


    I mean it, I can never get a way into that one easy. πŸ™

    So far I found an odd webpage that constantly keeps monitoring the site to let me know once I can go to sign up there. This is really lame, I feel like I’m out i’m out int he hallway with a dixie cup placed at the wall to listen in or to keep through the keyhole (which is nearly non-existant in our present-day society but I know a few places that still has ’em).

  27. What’s up with those chicks? You should get them to contribute fan reviews. Team them up with that kid y’all had sassin’ people at that convention.

    And the low point of your career is not inspiring young girls to read Discipline ad copy. The low point of your career is inspiring young girls to read Discipline ad copy and knowing that, right now, someone else is listening to it and jerking off.

    I say retire the Discipline ad copy and make people do dramatic readings of Naruto slash fic.

  28. Chris Said….

    Quick, someone TVRip this and get it online fast! (you know we’re always interested in this)

    Hey done and done. I’ll record the episodes as they come out. Let me know how you want them. I.E. What format?

    From your friendly neighbourhood Eeeper!

    P.S. Here’s the series content page

  29. That was an amazing Discipline reading. Now we need Dave Riley and Mike Toole to do it together. I don’t know how long those two talking together would be able to last, it’d destroy the microphone.

  30. And Japanorama is up on UKN. And conveniently there’s a JHAC meeting on Friday…three cheers for group screenings.

    And I should probably send the AWO team a copy of Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese.

  31. Eeeper said…
    Hey done and done. I’ll record the episodes as they come out. Let me know how you want them. I.E. What format?

    Oh cool! Well, I guess standard XviD will work for me (the audio can just be MP3 as well, 128Kbps/48Khz).

  32. I just recorded the first show. I’ll try and pair it down to something easy to transport and still ok to see. If I can’t encode for Xvid then Divx is my next port of call. Chuala boola(OK) with you? Anybody else want in on this?

  33. So last week I tried to translate the discipline reading into Italian in order to read it for the show, not to try and top Max’s dad because, as unanimously decreed, it is absolute perfection that should be delivered unto gods ears by tiny winged angels trumpeting hallelujah and sprinkling ambrosia as they tread their holy path. Anyway yeah I was just trying to do my part and add to the multiculty flavor to AWO… but long story short, my dad was using my computer and randomly opened it. He didn’t say anything and now I am afraid he thinks I am an insane pervert who likes horrible debasing porn about men with mutant penises. So yeah, my dad is a cool guy and I don’t want him to be horrified, any suggestions on smoothing this one over?
    Dear Abby, I mean Dave + Joel, its like how that guy picked up a copy of Moonphase, did he ever really trust you again? please help!!
    yours truly,
    -uncomfortable daughter
    Also…Wesley Willis, holy christ that brings back some memories…ones I would probably rather forget. I hear he headbutts people as a greeting.

  34. Yes to Japanorama – please eeper, torrent it and post link here πŸ™‚

    Also colin said:

    Now we need Dave Riley and Mike Toole to do it together.

    …and yes for that too πŸ˜‰

    And Re: international Discipline readings – I could do one for you in Finnish.

  35. I just recorded the first show. I’ll try and pair it down to something easy to transport and still ok to see. If I can’t encode for Xvid then Divx is my next port of call. Chuala boola(OK) with you? Anybody else want in on this?

    That would be fine by me too (DivX and XviD would be my first two choices anyway).

  36. Now we need Dave Riley and Mike Toole to do it together.

    …and yes for that too πŸ˜‰

    Now fully expecting weird yaoi fan-fiction/art to spring up out of nowhere.

    Or… at least… a guy can DREAM… πŸ™

  37. Dave said…
    Or… at least… a guy can DREAM… πŸ™

    (Must… resist… making a comment… resistance is… futile…)

    Listen, you just leave the dreaming to me πŸ™‚

  38. kolibri said…

    Listen, you just leave the dreaming to me πŸ™‚

    Shouldn’t that be: From now on I’ll be doing the dreamin’ for both of us…:)

    Sweet Jesus![clutches head in hands]

    Excuse me folks, while I cut my own tongue off….

  39. The Comics Interpreter did a pretty good job with the home made promo, but he missed the two best lines from Daryl and Gerald.

    “Centipedes in the Cooter”(Daryl talking about Ninja Scroll)

    and “Deedely dee. . .Potatoes!”
    (Gerald being pissed at Irish podcasters complaining about his pronunciation of “manga”)

    The “Potatoes” comment had me laughing for at least a month.
    I wish it was my ringtone!

    Keep up the great shows and happy 50th!

  40. Carol said….
    “Deedely dee. . .Potatoes!”

    Potatoes indeed. =)I have to smile every time I hear that comment or when Daryl buries my fellow country men’s pronunciation of the word “Manga”

    BTW: I’ve reconverted the Japanarama file into an AVI if people don’t like Divx. You can find the second torrent here

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