Anime World Order Show # 60 – Osamu Tezuka, the Beret-Wearing Cyborg God-King

Sure we talk about him a lot, but for our sixtieth episode we’ve decided to devote the entire show to talking about the God of Manga himself, Osamu Tezuka. Daryl’s reviewing the Astro Boy TV series (take your pick), Clarissa’s reviewing the Black Jack OAVs and movie, and Gerald’s reviewing the manga Apollo’s Song.

Show notes will be put up…later! Otaku USA doesn’t write itself, you know!

Introduction (0:00 – 43:27)
Does Stan even remember his role in the Ozone Commandos? Wait, nobody can remember it, since it wasn’t released [yet]! In the emails, we’re asked our opinion on Fushigi Yuugi (which is still really expensive!). Short answer: Yu Watase is a hack. Can we recommend good romance anime? Short answer: no. What’s our thoughts on fanfiction? Short answer: just look at all the slash-related Livejournal communities Clarissa’s a member of. Wait, that’s not a very short list after all! It took us nearly 45 minutes to say this!

Promo: Greatest Movie EVER! (43:27 – 44:05)
It’s the Big Month of Dick over at the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast, where they’re talking about film adaptations of Philip K. Dick exclusively! Featuring a bunch of guest reviewers, including Jeff “Rich Lather” Tatarek, who made this promo instead of making his own podcast. As late as we are in getting shows up, his Robot Carnival review still isn’t there! In any case, we remain satisfied that people start off by listening to AWO, hear promos for Dave and Joel, Greatest Movie EVER!, Lather’s Blather, etc. then determine that they’re more entertaining to listen to than us (and shorter, too!) and stop listening to us. If we were concerned about listenership, we wouldn’t be pulling stunts like…

Review: Astro Boy (44:05 – 1:39:07)
Daryl doesn’t care that absolutely nobody in America cares about Astro Boy. He’s going to talk about the Birth of Astro Boy storyline as portrayed in the original manga, the 1960s TV series, the 1980s TV series, and the 2003 TV series, no matter how many people don’t give a crap. The cool people are interested and not at all bored to tears. Both of them.

We’ll post the Black Jack and Apollo’s Song bits later. And you didn’t really think we had nothing more to say about this Geneon situation, did you?