Anime World Order Show # 63b – Crystal Triangle and the INTERNET HATE MACHINE

Show 63 concludes with Clarissa’s review of the much-dreaded Crystal Triangle and our run-in with 4chan, the INTERNET HATE MACHINE, at AWA 2007. Two year anniversary? Probably.

You really want show notes for this? I got your show notes right here.

Anime World Order Show # 63a – Totally Lame Anime With Neil Nadelman

Our special guest is Neil Nadelman and the Totally Lame Anime floodgates have been unleashed! Daryl reviews Dog Soldier, and Gerald reviews Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos! Stay tuned for Clarissa’s Crystal Triangle review which will be uploaded in a few days.

Daryl’s off to the New York Anime Festival, so show notes will be available at some other time.

Introduction (0:00 – 31:50)
This probably marks the first time we forgot to include the show introduction at the beginning of an actual podcast episode, but that can be attributed to the fact that this episode was uploaded about 20 minutes before Daryl had to get on an airplane. As a reminder, if you have a Podcast Pickle account, please add us to your favorites list so that we can be ranked higher than that podcast about maids. We’re asked in the emails how we can justify our love for anime to people who fought the Japanese in World War 2, and we can only answer in R5 Central style. We spend most of the time talking to Neil about how he got into anime translation and the effect that Totally Lame Anime has had on his life. Especially Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight. Then to pad out time, we throw in various Shuki Levy-composed 1980s theme songs to contrast how totally lame the Go-Bots theme was. Yes Jeff, we like Galaxy Rangers too, but Shuki Levy didn’t do that one. Eventually, we start talking about scene descriptions in the scripts to Legend of the Overfiend and Fist of the North Star.

Promo: Anime Roundtable (31:50 – 32:38)
Wait, you can make a slogan out of how you edit your podcast? And wait, isn’t it a BAD thing to edit for time, not content? Don’t you want to edit for content without caring about how long it ends up? Or is that only what we do? Anyway, when Mike Nicolas isn’t offering advice on TV production to Justin Sevakis, he’s making this podcast devoted to anime fandom discussion from a Canadian perspective. Much like the food that Canada eats, the Canadian anime fandom perspective is pretty much exactly the same as the American perspective, only a few days older. Unless they’re McCain superfries. Or Smarties. Hell, Canadian Smarties aren’t even Smarties! They’re M&Ms! Whatever you want to call them, we don’t eat the red ones last. Fine, so that marketing campaign died twenty years ago.

Review: Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past (32:38 – 1:03:44)
Daryl gets the ball rolling by talking about this notoriously horrible piece of detritus that should be owned and watched by all, no matter what the nonstop believing opinions of E.E. “Doc” Finnegan are. Like all of our Totally Lame Anime coverage, this is not actually a review so much as a near-complete synopsis. If we offered actual analysis and insight, that would make people want to go see this. Which they should. Listen on and discover for yourself why the cure for AIDS is the deadliest weapon of them all. We forgot to mention that Phantom is white in some shots and black in others.

Review: Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (1:03:44 – 1:29:10)
Andrew from Double Anal Penetration Deluxe (85% of the people who come to this blog are erroneously finding it as they search for YAOI or NARUTO PORN, so what’s one more to the list?) writes in to complain about how crappy a cohost (and human being) Jeremy is. His dream that we can all gather together united in our love for Raoh is shattered by Clarissa’s intense dislike of him. She also hates Golgo 13, that player hater. Gerald takes point here, as he regales us with a tale of robots (some of whom are rocks), kung fu, and vikings. You either want to watch this show or you don’t, and since we only got 3 DVDs worth of it, most people did not. Nuts to you all.

We close things off with James, the Angry Otaku (and furry) responding to General Beefy’s latest bit of craziness from Show 61 (other goofball voicemails of his include his not-so-veiled death threat towards GeekNights and his being exposed as a racist due to failing to be able to properly quote this highly illuminating Flash animation, which Gerald watched for about five minutes before realizing the secret), in which he declared that movies and anime are too expensive because used copies of Robot Jox can be had for under $5. Daryl forgot to include this response in Show 62, so here it is now.

The second part of this episode containing the Crystal Triangle review/scene-by-scene summary will be posted by week’s end. Maybe.