Anime World Order Show # 63a – Totally Lame Anime With Neil Nadelman

Our special guest is Neil Nadelman and the Totally Lame Anime floodgates have been unleashed! Daryl reviews Dog Soldier, and Gerald reviews Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos! Stay tuned for Clarissa’s Crystal Triangle review which will be uploaded in a few days.

Daryl’s off to the New York Anime Festival, so show notes will be available at some other time.

Introduction (0:00 – 31:50)
This probably marks the first time we forgot to include the show introduction at the beginning of an actual podcast episode, but that can be attributed to the fact that this episode was uploaded about 20 minutes before Daryl had to get on an airplane. As a reminder, if you have a Podcast Pickle account, please add us to your favorites list so that we can be ranked higher than that podcast about maids. We’re asked in the emails how we can justify our love for anime to people who fought the Japanese in World War 2, and we can only answer in R5 Central style. We spend most of the time talking to Neil about how he got into anime translation and the effect that Totally Lame Anime has had on his life. Especially Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight. Then to pad out time, we throw in various Shuki Levy-composed 1980s theme songs to contrast how totally lame the Go-Bots theme was. Yes Jeff, we like Galaxy Rangers too, but Shuki Levy didn’t do that one. Eventually, we start talking about scene descriptions in the scripts to Legend of the Overfiend and Fist of the North Star.

Promo: Anime Roundtable (31:50 – 32:38)
Wait, you can make a slogan out of how you edit your podcast? And wait, isn’t it a BAD thing to edit for time, not content? Don’t you want to edit for content without caring about how long it ends up? Or is that only what we do? Anyway, when Mike Nicolas isn’t offering advice on TV production to Justin Sevakis, he’s making this podcast devoted to anime fandom discussion from a Canadian perspective. Much like the food that Canada eats, the Canadian anime fandom perspective is pretty much exactly the same as the American perspective, only a few days older. Unless they’re McCain superfries. Or Smarties. Hell, Canadian Smarties aren’t even Smarties! They’re M&Ms! Whatever you want to call them, we don’t eat the red ones last. Fine, so that marketing campaign died twenty years ago.

Review: Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past (32:38 – 1:03:44)
Daryl gets the ball rolling by talking about this notoriously horrible piece of detritus that should be owned and watched by all, no matter what the nonstop believing opinions of E.E. “Doc” Finnegan are. Like all of our Totally Lame Anime coverage, this is not actually a review so much as a near-complete synopsis. If we offered actual analysis and insight, that would make people want to go see this. Which they should. Listen on and discover for yourself why the cure for AIDS is the deadliest weapon of them all. We forgot to mention that Phantom is white in some shots and black in others.

Review: Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (1:03:44 – 1:29:10)
Andrew from Double Anal Penetration Deluxe (85% of the people who come to this blog are erroneously finding it as they search for YAOI or NARUTO PORN, so what’s one more to the list?) writes in to complain about how crappy a cohost (and human being) Jeremy is. His dream that we can all gather together united in our love for Raoh is shattered by Clarissa’s intense dislike of him. She also hates Golgo 13, that player hater. Gerald takes point here, as he regales us with a tale of robots (some of whom are rocks), kung fu, and vikings. You either want to watch this show or you don’t, and since we only got 3 DVDs worth of it, most people did not. Nuts to you all.

We close things off with James, the Angry Otaku (and furry) responding to General Beefy’s latest bit of craziness from Show 61 (other goofball voicemails of his include his not-so-veiled death threat towards GeekNights and his being exposed as a racist due to failing to be able to properly quote this highly illuminating Flash animation, which Gerald watched for about five minutes before realizing the secret), in which he declared that movies and anime are too expensive because used copies of Robot Jox can be had for under $5. Daryl forgot to include this response in Show 62, so here it is now.

The second part of this episode containing the Crystal Triangle review/scene-by-scene summary will be posted by week’s end. Maybe.

43 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 63a – Totally Lame Anime With Neil Nadelman”

  1. To clarify: Bandai is the one with the license for Machine Robo toys. They just came out with an expensive Soul Of Chogokin of Baikanfu (that I’d like to get eventually). Really even the proportions for the characters change, I love the art & animation for it.

    After Revenge of Chronos, the next anime for Machine Robo was Battle Hackers (with what has to be the anime to use a rap as its theme). There were a bunch of OVA’s focusing about the character of Leina Stol from the first series.

    BTW Did you know there’s an HK DVD boot for DOG SOLDIER?

  2. Oh BTW You should have mentioned the name of the main villain. President Gades. Not Emperor or lord but PRESIDENT. That means he was voted in. Although I think the DVD translates it as Lord Gades.

  3. Just exactly the response I wanted. You read it perfectly Daryl. Now I know what I must do!


    *feel the power*

  4. You made me re-remember the theme songs to the GoBots, MASK and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors…

    I’m not going to be able to sleep for a while.


    Everyone looked at me when I laughed out loud on the bus to the uni.

  6. So Anime Nation posted more trailers of Kite 2, and I haven’t been this underwhelmed since the Gunbuster 2 trailer. Seriously, Japan, if you’re gonna pander to otaku, at least make it believable.

  7. There’s a torrent for Crystal Triangle that I’m trying to complete and watch in preparation for Clarissa’s review, but despite the number of leechers, there are no complete seeds. If anyone can contribute a full file, please do so and we can all enjoy the crap:

  8. I think this is all I need to see of Dog Soldier.

    I like to know more about that Gaga reel. Like why did they think changing the names of the titles would work? What stopped them from releasing it?

  9. I saw Daryl at NYAF, wearing what I assume to be jacketless Lupin cosplay, screaming about Machine Robo. I was too much of a pussy to say hi, though.

  10. Changeman is full of win. There are fansubs of the first 10 or so eps floating around. Check it out, it’s awesome.

    (Come on, you guys probably knew I was going to comment with that.)

    -the Rangercast guy

  11. Yet another awesomely hilarious show. I seriously laughed so hard my stomach hurt (especially about the Vikungfu bit). Great job guys.

  12. lol @ anon, yeah, I chickened out of talking to Daryl, Dave & Joel, too. But I was cosplaying Zexion from KH, so they’d probably punch me in the face if I came close. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. “Secret raiders who will neutralize!
    Soon as they arrive
    At the site!”

    …and all these years I thought it was “…who will neutralize! Suicide!”

    I wonder if it’s available on DVD? [checking Wikipedia…] Hmm, it appear that [Wait! Keep in mind that this is Wikipedia…nope, nothing inserted about penises, so it’s probably correct] the whole series is available. IN AUSTRALIA!

    How I envy Australians: Astro Boy with a bonus unedited sub of the first two episodes, Cyborg 009 past the first eight eps, affordably priced Violet Crumbles, and now this.

    E. Bernhard Warg
    Otakon Classic Track
    Sonic Screwdriver anecdote subject

  14. So I finally finished the first dvd volume of Phoenix, and am irked that they screwed up the continuity of the fifth book in the series because, “Hey, if it doesn’t have enough sci-fi equipment in the background, no one will believe it’s futuristic, because no one saw Robocop[8-Man] or Terminator[Harlan Ellison’s “Outer Limits” episodes], but they did see A.I.!” Why did they have to ruin that one, but get the first book mostly right?!

    Anyway, I’m beginning to think that George Lucas is a closet Tezuka fan, because the first book in Buddha is eerily similar to the first Star Wars prequel, and the art design for THX seems to be eerily similar to that Phoenix book I was bitching about earlier. We already know he’s a Japanophile, so it’s not impossible for him to have visited the place a few times before he became big.

  15. I’d like to see some hard evidence of Lucas being a Japanophile. All I’ve seen/heard over the years is third-hand innuendo. The one and only thing from the horse’s mouth was a DVD commentary in which he said he’s very interested in anime. That’s IT.

    I’m currently reading the massive “Making of Star Wars” hardcover that was published a year ago, and there’s nothing in it whatsoever about a Japan connection. And there’s a very early Ralph McQuarrie design for Leia (before that was even her name) that looks a little like Kei from Space Pirate. But not enough to be a red flag.

    If anyone has additional evidence, please come forward.

  16. So, if Gerald’s porn name is now Rod Drill, what are Daryl and Clarissa’s porn names? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great show as usual guys. LEarning from Neil is always fun. Looking forward to Crystal Triangle next.

    Man, I still remember when Hanna-Barberra made that movie ad for GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. Even as a kind I was like… WTF? Then I saw there was a Transformers movie and given the difference in style, tone in effort, I just looked back at the GoBots again and laughed. Heh, good times.

    Take care.

  17. In the Aftermath was shown a few times on British TV – I’m pretty sure that the live-action stuff came from Australia or New Zealand. No idea where that information came from.

  18. The “FUCKING VAMPIRE” bit has been quoted, so I’ll just say that Neil and the cast were negligent in failing to mention the most awesome one-two combo of opening and ending themes:

    The opening to Mighty Orbots and the second ending to Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers


    Galaxy Rangers 2nd ending:

  19. Best show ever. I want “Blue Jet” as a permanent nickname now. It just sounds too awesome to be real. Now I have to track down the Machine Robo DVDs.

    Living in the plains has never sucked more. I went twenty-four hours yesterday without electricity. I knew I could live through it… except when I remembered that Perfect Blue came on Sci-Fi last night. DAMN IT!!!!

    How was New York? When is the next episode going to be released?

  20. I can’t believe you guys haven’t reviewed Gunbuster yet! PAPA!!! PAPAAAA!!!

    I’m gonna paint some titties on your mech and put tacks in ur butt!! Served!

  21. I went to the Media Blaster’s panel at NYAF. I asked them about the rest of Gaogaigar. They said something like only half of the show was bought and the rest of it being released would be determined how well the first half did. I guess we’ll never see the rest of it. AT least I got a free copy of Simoun Vol.1 from them. Lesbian aliens, just like Toshihiro Hirano’s anime.

    I bought Venus Wars BTW.

  22. So, if Gerald’s porn name is now Rod Drill, what are Daryl and Clarissa’s porn names? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anchor Teabag. And Daryl Surat.

    By which I mean Clarissa’s porn name would be Daryl Surat.

  23. “We’re asked in the emails how we can justify our love for anime to people who fought the Japanese in World War 2,”

    As long as you don’t state, “We heart nationalists who think war criminals were the real victims[;_ylt=Aqeb4QcrP5Wx2rTdUS1RwOIwFxkF
    it’s fine and dandy.

    “She also hates Golgo 13, that player hater.”

    As long as she doesn’t say Kite is better, that’s fine and dandy, too.

  24. @ dan

    Hmm, so the Japanese right-wingers have gone from ignoring war crimes to denying them. Interestingly, this is the same tactic used by anti-semites; at first the Holocaust was glossed over, and now it is vehmently denied.

    I bet Ichiro Itano will direct the anime adaptation.

  25. I was thinking. Could you guys ever cover the Macross everyone hates, but which isn’t really bad, while trashing the one the Japanese record companies charge too much money for, because the owners mistakenly believe their band keeps the show from sucking?

  26. Being tardy as usual!

    Couldn’t say I was surprised a maid podcast could top you guys (some people’s interest just overshadows what is really important today).

    Heh, being reminded of my 16mm print of a GoBots episode I got off eBay years back. Wished I bother scanning in a few frames of it to show it off to you guys, but it’s not worth it! Every toyetic programme of my youth pretty much was that way.

    Hearing the MASK and Jason and the Wheeled Warriors themes makes me wonder why Haim Saban never bothered setting up a US record company to release any of those tunes here as he had over in France? I had a talk with someone in the UK who felt jealous of what Europe had that just never clicked over here (aside from what Japan had accomplished thanks to labels like Nippon Columbia and others had in flooding the market with anime OST’s and 45’s).

    Of course, there’s always clunker US cartoons like this one that needs no remembrance!

    Being reminded of once having a copy of Magnos on DVD unless I hadn’t said so before (now I just have a copy thereof on disc someplace). I still kinda did the OP/ED themes of Gakeen none the less (though the ED is a tad excessively long for something that could’ve lasted half that length).

    Also had a copy of “Attack of the Super Monsters” prior to having pawned it off for some quick cash a while back, but saved a DVD copy as usual for years of digital enjoyment.

    Bothered snapping this pic of what I have left of my lame/bad dubbed anime classics…
    In my haste, I seem to have misplaced my copy of “Warriors of the Wind” when I took this pic, but found it a day later, still, it amused me that it was MIA for a while!

    Pretty much I had the same luck to find this crap at places like video stores or those places that sells used music and games, as there’s always a few of these up on the shelves that catch my eye.

    New World Pictures does get mention at the opening of “In the Aftermath”, so I would assume it was their ‘baby’ in the end (not to mention their video logo on the cover). I’m still amused by the Children’s Classics “Galaxy Express” cover which felt like they couldn’t bother getting a shot of the train to put there in place to make sense! Rather show my kids the uncut version to make better sense of that film!

    I recently found a guy up on YouTube whom apparently has been an avid Beta collector since ’76 and is married to a Japanese women which gave me the incentive of getting recordings of Japanese shows from pals over there in the past, though he has told me he didn’t get any cartoons from there sadly, mostly American sitcoms as they were broadcast there in bilingual form.

    Being reminded of those Project A-Ko subs being quite different the way they were executed.

    Aside from Captions, Inc., I’m reminded of another closed captioning suite over in Boston that has worked on shows like The Simpsons in the past, “The Caption Center” (owned and operated by WGBH Educational Foundation).


    Hearing about Dog Soldier makes me wanna try finding that out there, despite no knowing it’s content. The BS physics and ending tune alone sells it to me! Which end theme from Devil Hunter Yohko were you thinking of? Having only saw the first one, I was thinking of that theme myself, which I sorta enjoyed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to have noticed what has happened to General Beefy a while back in one of your voicemails I forgot to mention, serves him right!

    Machine Robo sounds like a pretty cool show if I was 8 years old again and thought it kicked royal ass in the 80’s. Too bad we couldn’t get that than the H-B cartoon that showed up a few years before. The French were much luckier however as we’ll see in this opening!

    Still, it’s a piss CPM didn’t release anymore than those 15 episodes due to what might’ve seem like a bit of a confusion over what they got in the first place.

    Now heading to the second part (right after I take care of some unfinished busienss)!

  27. Regarding bad podcasts.

    AWO has good personalities and the crew actually discusses anime, albeit old crap that circulates in whatever dank, minor niche convention circuits they constantly go to and speak about. But there are other podcasts that can’t even be bothered to discuss anime, and when they do, it’s dull-witted garbage like Anime Roundtable.

  28. re: Blue Jet happens to be red.
    This may be a Strian (Australian) influence. Red haired guys and dogs get nicknamed Blue. No idea why.

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