Anime World Order Show # 65b – Sonic Soldier Borgman and the NY Anime Festival

Here’s the rest of Show # 65: Gerald’s super-short review of Sonic Soldier Borgman and Daryl’s super-long report on the New York Anime Festival 2007.

Daryl was once again a guest on The Greatest Movie EVER! podcast, this time to review The Running Man. For those who can’t enough of the Daryl Surat / Paul Chapman [aka White Daryl Surat] combination, the two were also guests on the second episode of Snacktime Online, the new not-yet-a podcast by “Joey Snackpants.” The subject of discussion is “Comic Books and Other Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Really REALLY Ugly,” so if you’re interested in hearing us talk about US comicbooks and their adaptations into other media, click here to get the episode. Do be sure to send Mr. Snackpants feedback in order to let him know what you think of the show. Especially if it’s hate mail, which there will be after the awesome things that were said; TV’s Patrick Macias may never forgive Daryl for his hatorizing! On the subject of hatorizing: Mr. Show sucked just like everything Bob “Let’s Go To Prison” Odenkirk has done, and Tina Fey is not funny. Before anyone says “what about 30 Rock?” note that Tina Fey is not funny on 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are. Dissension on this matter shall be subject to RAMBO’S LAW.

Erin is stockpiling arms for some sort of apocalyptic war. There are at least two of these cases in her apartment, which Dave Riley may or may not have partaken of in order to shoot members of GeekNights during the Match Game.
Not that much interest in gekiga at NYAF, it seems. It didn’t have the greatest time slot though; most people weren’t at the con yet. I’ll bet money that Katsucon’s turns out better.
Much like PT Chapman, Alison joined the Daryl Surat School of Fashion Sense. Maybe she and her man will meditate on THAT next time they talk about ME being abrasive! Hah!
The World Magic: The Gathering Championships were being conducted at the con, so they brought this nightmare out. I have never played a CCG and hopefully never will.

TV’s Patrick Macias continues searching for THE TRUTH even after I’ve stopped.

Maybe there’ll be more pictures. Possibly a Youtube video of Rym re-enacting one of Tatsumi’s stories.

Anime World Order Show # 65 – Gurren-Lagann, Sojitz, and a .50 Cal Rampage

The heavens have been broken through and the US anime industry has been drilled yet again as we officially hit the magic number for syndication! In the news, we’re talking about this ADV brouhaha and Clarissa’s reviewing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

February 2008 on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast is Hunt You Like An Animal: The Most Dangerous Month. Various special guest podcasters have chimed in for these festivities, including Daryl, so be sure to check it out. Don’t worry, they won’t take as long to listen to as this episode will.

Introduction (0:00 – 24:50)
We’re kind of behind on these emails. Nevertheless, Daryl sees fit to read one we got several months back regarding a then-newly created Youtube video. Perhaps you saw it. And the response. And the other response. Then we talk about the dwindling Orlando anime scene and brainstorm regarding what our largest anime purchases were. See if YOU can spot the parts of this segment that normally would have been edited out, but this time we forgot.

Let’s News! (24:50 – 1:09:39)
Daryl’s recording was entirely too loud during this and Clarissa’s was entirely too soft, but Gerald’s recording was JUST RIGHT. There’s really only one topic discussed during all this, but in true AWO fashion, it’s every topic: the bizarre scenario regarding the removal from the ADV Films website of most of their newer licenses. Us fans on the ground still don’t know much about what’s happening save for this statement that was released, so all we can do is kick the anime punditry into high gear. Unlike real journalists, pundits don’t NEED facts. Actually, there aren’t very many real journalists left anymore, come to think of it.

Promo: R5 Central (1:09:39 – 1:10:43)
That crazy cat Mike Dent doesn’t want to admit it in public, but he just barely cheated death in the past month and change since the last episode of his show. As such, he’s currently gearing up for the 50th episode of the show. Truly a podcasting milestone! We’d record a congratulatory message to be played at the time, but we keep forgetting.

Review: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (1:10:43 – 1:51:46)
Clarissa spirals away with one of the most requested titles people have asked us to review in some time. Witness Gainax’s return to form as we notice that evolution is a mystery, full of change that no one sees. The YJ Stinger can contains a swarm of bees. HnK thugs say it as they please: “hidebu and abeshi.” As they explode out of their spleen, EVOLUTION. EVOLUTION!

The Sonic Soldier Borgman review and the NYAF recap are still to come, but anyone who’s thinking they should rush to post a comment immediately before downloading and listening to the show catches a 138 millimeter round through the dome.