Anime World Order Show # 65b – Sonic Soldier Borgman and the NY Anime Festival

Here’s the rest of Show # 65: Gerald’s super-short review of Sonic Soldier Borgman and Daryl’s super-long report on the New York Anime Festival 2007.

Daryl was once again a guest on The Greatest Movie EVER! podcast, this time to review The Running Man. For those who can’t enough of the Daryl Surat / Paul Chapman [aka White Daryl Surat] combination, the two were also guests on the second episode of Snacktime Online, the new not-yet-a podcast by “Joey Snackpants.” The subject of discussion is “Comic Books and Other Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Really REALLY Ugly,” so if you’re interested in hearing us talk about US comicbooks and their adaptations into other media, click here to get the episode. Do be sure to send Mr. Snackpants feedback in order to let him know what you think of the show. Especially if it’s hate mail, which there will be after the awesome things that were said; TV’s Patrick Macias may never forgive Daryl for his hatorizing! On the subject of hatorizing: Mr. Show sucked just like everything Bob “Let’s Go To Prison” Odenkirk has done, and Tina Fey is not funny. Before anyone says “what about 30 Rock?” note that Tina Fey is not funny on 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are. Dissension on this matter shall be subject to RAMBO’S LAW.

Erin is stockpiling arms for some sort of apocalyptic war. There are at least two of these cases in her apartment, which Dave Riley may or may not have partaken of in order to shoot members of GeekNights during the Match Game.
Not that much interest in gekiga at NYAF, it seems. It didn’t have the greatest time slot though; most people weren’t at the con yet. I’ll bet money that Katsucon’s turns out better.
Much like PT Chapman, Alison joined the Daryl Surat School of Fashion Sense. Maybe she and her man will meditate on THAT next time they talk about ME being abrasive! Hah!
The World Magic: The Gathering Championships were being conducted at the con, so they brought this nightmare out. I have never played a CCG and hopefully never will.

TV’s Patrick Macias continues searching for THE TRUTH even after I’ve stopped.

Maybe there’ll be more pictures. Possibly a Youtube video of Rym re-enacting one of Tatsumi’s stories.

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  1. Everything is edited except the opening and closing bits, both of which fell to me this time around. Except Otaku USA deadlines are also hitting us around now, so I’ve been focusing on that mainly.

    I will try to have the show out before Friday.

  2. Dead would be bad. Time to be dead after the new episode is out.

    For those in need of a fix, Daryl appears on a couple of recent episodes of The Greatest Movie Ever, and Clarissa is on the latest Destroy All Podcasts DX. Haven’t made any Gerald sightings though.

  3. Are you guys putting up the new show tonight???

    cant wait to hear your Dangaioh review, anyhow cheers!

  4. The plan to get Show 66 uploaded by today has FAILED. My car battery died yesterday and I fell asleep today, and this weekend is Megacon. Fortunately, since I don’t care about Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I should be able to get things out by next week.

    Then it’ll have not quite been an entire month between episodes. Ouch.

  5. Bothering to leave in some sort of update, I noticed one digisubber is now working on Kimagure Orange Road. Too bad I’ve already wasted 10 gigs downloading DVDrips of that one personally, but wouldn’t mind checking out what they might do with it.

  6. Hey does anyone know wth happened to ADV’s release of Gurren Lagaan I’ve been waiting for it and it hasn’t been released.

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