Anime World Order Show # 79a – Kittens Without Perception Are Spiritually Useless

Here’s the first half of Show 79, where we read some emails, play a voicemail, talk the news, and Gerald reviews Chi’s Sweet Home.

Introduction (0:00 – 31:00)
In a future exciting installment of Otaku USA, Daryl will be talking about Fist of the North Star as a result of the impending release of the remastered edition in the US. In celebration of this, he has pasted in assorted excerpts from the infamously inaccurate Streamline dub that did so much irreparable damage to the series in the eyes of US anime fans. This is not entirely inappropriate, since over in the emails, we’re asked our thoughts on the whole sub/dub thing. Rather than answering that at length since we’ve done so too many times, we opt instead to talk about some of our favorite English dub actors…nearly all of whom are in that Streamline Fist of the North Star dub. Except Mike Reynolds. We used Lily C.A.T. for that one.

We also weigh in on Hellsing Ultimate as well as the Hellsing manga, then shortly after start talking about the various anime adaptations of Bible stories: Superbook, Flying House, and In the Beginning. God is clearly at work here, since Dave Merrill just posted about Superbook over at the exceptional Let’s Anime web log, and Dan Baker just informed the world that Jack Chick is coming to an Anime Hell near you to save you from HAW HAW HAW HAW Hell. Somebody loves us.

Daryl, having recently spent much time replaying Thief: Gold, tried to impersonate Stephen Russell when reading an email asking our thoughts on Brigadoon and where otaku can meet similarly-minded folk. Unfortunately, much like the voice of Jason Statham, Stephen Russell’s Garrett voice cannot easily be replicated. Perhaps more unfortunately is the fact that several of the DVDs we reviewed years ago are now out of print, and even when they’re not it can be hard to ship them to MMM-MEXICO-OOO. We end with the ultimate in accidental dub poetry, courtesy of Michael McConnohie:

Hello Ken.
How nice to see you again!
How have you been?

Let’s News! (31:00 – 1:02:36)
After an 8 year run, Anime Insider ceased publication and we’re pretty sure the lack of Mike Dent had nothing to do with it this time like what happened to Newtype USA. Media Blasters and Bandai Entertainment are delaying or canceling the releases of some of their box sets, which is presumably due to the fact that there’s no more brick and mortar shelf space for much anime anymore. Toei (not to be confused with To-Y) has struck a deal with FUNimation’s to stream some of their anime on the FUNimation website, and much of it is pretty darn good stuff such as Air Master, Galaxy Express 999 TV, and the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV series. One of these titles is Fist of the North Star TV, but unlike GE999 and Harlock it doesn’t look like they’re releasing subtitled episodes past what were released subtitled by Manga Video forever ago.

As a shock to nobody, our “favorite” anime studio Gonzo ended up being de-listed from the Japanese stock exchange after all, and as the current season of anime demonstrates, they’re as terrible as always. On the pornographic doujinshi front, Linda Project–notorious for being especially protective of “their work”–will be putting English translated, uncensored digital editions of their doujinshi up for sale on Peter Payne Presents Peter Payne’s J-List: A Peter Payne Production. It took SUBSTANTIAL willpower to not make the obvious joke when Gerald said “it’s going to be interesting to see if anything comes out of this.” Yoshihiro Tatsumi will be a guest at PEN Fest in New York City next week, so go and see him because we guarantee you that nobody else will. Also, Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga, which starts…TODAY…is being officially released on the Web in English, for free, as it comes out in Japan. She can afford to do this because of her MASSIVE BREASTS. Also, being rich.

Review: Chi’s Sweet Home (1:02:36 – 1:20:06)

Daryl will be a guest on the April 27th edition of the OSMCast, in which the subject is Fallout. It saddens him to know how much less intelligent and reasoned he sounds without editing and the ability to drop in additional things in post, but it’ll have to tide you over for now because it’s hard to do podcast stuff when you’re recovering from surgery. Hopefully it will go well enough that we can post HILARIOUS pictures of blood-soaked gauze and Daryl having a bandaged, Jagi-esque face.

Oh yeah. We’re still selling the AWO T-shirts ($10) and hoodies ($20). Email us if you want one!

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  1. Man, if Watchmen is the “best anime ever”, then Wolverine is the best “American Naruto and Story of Riki remake” ever.

  2. The old French/Japanese animated series “Mysterious Cities of Gold,” remembered fondly by all Nickelodeon-watching 80s children, is out on DVD now. Is there any chance that it might be discussed in a future show?

  3. So ADV picked up MD Geist….
    Either the cost to license it was dirt cheap or John Ledford thinks it’s 1992 again.

  4. Awesome! I’d love to get a chance to snag it in DVD form, considering I wasn’t into anime back in 92.

  5. The Streamline FotNS dub holds a very special place in my heart.I’m still not sure what to do with these…

    Face it, it’s just gonna collect dust where I am!

    Like hell its free. Friggin “USian only”, so it can burn in hell for all i care.Shame we can’t always please everyone.

    Sweet. FUNi just uploaded Harlock at , including the eps Toei was too cheap and/or lazy to sub on Crunchyroll.Eh, damn! At least FUNi’s doing something right for once. If only it had been sooner.

    I’m surprised it took so long for CPM to file for bankruptcy. They were dumping (for free) pallet-loads of their books and DVDs at a con two years ago.Now I wonder how might pick up te slack of those classic gems like Crystal Triangle, The Humanoid and Odin! If I had my own company, these titles will be part of my budget line of $10 DVD’s! I’d probably put out a deluxe set for Gall Force as well that would include all the works together (the best I could re-license, let alone whether or not I could also get 10 Little Gall Force on the side).

    The old French/Japanese animated series “Mysterious Cities of Gold,” remembered fondly by all Nickelodeon-watching 80s children, is out on DVD now. Is there any chance that it might be discussed in a future show?Would be kind of interesting if they did. MCoG was one of those shared memories for those my age. Though I hate to admit I haven’t seen it completely in a LONG time!

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