Anime World Order Show # 86c – 5 cm Per Second: LOOKIT DEM CLOUDS

Finally we get to the reviews for this episode! Clarissa reviews 5 cm Per Second by Makoto Shinkai, whose works we’ve not actually reviewed until now.

Promo: Method to Madness (24:40 – 25:27)
Oh sure, they may CLAIM to be a podcast dedicated to reviewing either anime you should be watching or anime you should be ashamed to be watching. But which is which? THAT is the question, the answer to which is the base metric upon which podcasters shall be judged. Their first episode was about Fist of the North Star and their latest episode at the time of posting is about Grappler Baki, which are as good a metric as any for determining the worthiness of any Internet being. Mind you, they also talk about videogames and live-action movies too. DAPDX better WATCH OUT.

Disclaimer: the Sean Ryan who hosts this podcast is NOT the same Shawn Ryan who created The Shield. I know, I had my hopes up too.

Anime World Order Show # 86b – News + Anime Boston 2010 Report

We sort of forgot to do news segments for the last several months! Oops!

There’s no point in talking about news that’s long out of date, so we’ll just stick to the main one. Specifically:

Carl Macek. Shown here the way he lived life: combined into one large piece from several others in a way that doesn't fully fit together.

Image swiped mercilessly from Danno! over at Anime Hell.

We also forgot to do a convention report for Anime Boston 2010, which Gerald attended as Press and Daryl/Clarissa attended as panelists. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion about the ones we did, but people showed up! Regardless, we go over what we could have done better. Still, before we get to the actual reviews this episode, let’s play catch up.