Anime World Order Show # 86a – We’ll Give It Our All (Next Week)

In this episode, we finally review that which had been suggested to us in that “suggest things for us to review” contest. As such, Clarissa’s reviewing 5 Centimeters Per Second, Daryl’s reviewing Swallowing the Earth, and Gerald’s reviewing The Wings of Honneamise. All of these things are exceedingly difficult…which is why you won’t be hearing any of them just yet! For now though, the emails segment is edited. So you can listen to that for now.

This segment was released using compressor settings that are different from what we typically use. Let us know if it sounds noticeably worse. Oh right, just vote on the poll we put up about it! Faster than leaving a comment.

Guest podcast appearances: Daryl and Gerald are once again on the Anime82 Podcast. Gerald contributed a review to Part 2 of his Mecha Madness special (up soon, we’ll edit in the link once it’s posted). Gerald’s reviewing Z-Mind and Daryl took Mobile Suit Gundam Paul Chapman [Unicorn]. Here’s the link to Daryl’s review, which starts at about the 75:45 mark of that file. Prior to that, there are reviews of Macross and Armored Trooper VOTOMS!