Anime World Order Show # 90 – Howdy Sir Dog Milk

So concludes five years of podcasting! We begin Year 6 by reviewing Peepo Choo by Felipe Smith with special guest, Paul Chapman aka “The Almighty Gooberzilla” aka “White Daryl.”

Paul is the host of the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast, for which Daryl should once again be a guest on within the next week or so. Sorry, CollectionDX! Note: this episode was originally going to be called BURIKKU SAIDO, MAZZAFAKKA! but iTunes has standards and stuff. Anyway, BUY VERTICAL PRODUCTS:

Peepo Choo 1
Peepo Choo 2
Peepo Choo 3

Stick around past the end music for a short clip of us talking about something we’re unqualified to discuss, namely THE DC UNIVERSE.

On the subject of things we’re slightly more qualified to discuss, Daryl looks back on Cowboy Bebop…13 years later. Read all about it at Otaku USA.

Bonus – Daryl Wastes Your Time

Due to the rigors of graduate school and the like, there hasn’t been a new episode of the podcast released in over a month. Despite repeated “let’s record on so and so day” requests, nobody ever actually showed up. Daryl lost this Internet staring contest and decided to record this by himself in lieu of a real episode. If you’re naughty this Christmas, this may happen again. And you don’t want that.

The latest issue of Otaku USA Magazine is out! As web supplemental pieces, Daryl has written reviews of the Redline side story Trava: Fist Planet, the Mamoru Hosoda-directed One Piece Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, and…er, actually the Cowboy Bebop one isn’t done yet…

Here’s some timecodes. Remember when we did these all the time?

01:35 – What’s our beef with Takehito Koyasu, anyway?
04:12 – Macross Do You Remember Love vs Macross Frontier Movie 1 (Clarification: Gwyn is actually a GUY. And not just any guy. He, along with former AWO guests Tim Eldred, Patrick Macias, Walter Amos, and some others got to go to Leiji Matsumoto’s house and interview him. Keep your eyes on and for the results of that one!)
08:25 – On the ethics of pirating anime
14:00 – One of the only hate mails we’ve ever received! YES
38:28 – Can there be a new show made today that affects anime fans like big hits from decades past did?
45:21 – On the changing face of “otaku” over the years
52:21 – What mecha anime should I watch? Which Gundam series are good and which are bad? (WARNING: 30 minute answer resulting in psychological meltdown)

Another clarification: I am almost certainly aware of [insert mecha show here]. The reason I didn’t mention it is because I tried to limit my answers to what is currently in print in America. Otherwise my first recommendation would have been to watch Patlabor.

Here is a partial list of titles mentioned in this episode:

We should actually be able to record some real episodes again in a few days. Bide your time, and hold out hope. (PS: go see Faster and The Warrior’s Way IN THE GUDDAMN THE-ATER. Links are to scholarly writeups explaining why. Given how badly the latter did, you probably have 24 hours from the time of this posting until it’s gone from theaters.)