Anime World Order Show # 91 – Breaking the RRRRRUUUle

In this recorded-on-New-Year’s-Eve installment of AWO, Gerald reviews the recently-concluded Gainax anime series Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt…eventually.

The original title was going to be “Now I’m Going to Have to Cut Ya. That’s the RRRRRUUUle” but House Party 3 isn’t something we should be reminding people of.

Somewhere along the line we end up talking about the Tokyo non-existent youth bill, the Fall 2010 anime season (mostly just Iron Man and Star Driver), and how VOTOMS and Mobile Police Patlabor are better than the current anime season which is airing now. Not present in this recording: how OAVs are what’s keeping us alive in 2011, what with the greatness of Mazinkaiser SKL and Gundam Paul Chapman Unicorn.

PS: I would never put anything at the end of this recording solely to confuse listeners. Oh no, not I.