Anime World Order Show # 93 – Podcasting and Human Gestation Take Just As Long

It took something like nine months, but now that Clarissa isn’t working full time and taking a full load of graduate school classes she can now bring to us her review of the Viz Signature release of Kingyo Used Books.

For this endeavor, we are joined by “Chiaki Tachibana” from the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast. We make this distinction to note that she is NOT he Shin Megami Tensei character, NOR is she the one from the hentai After Class Lesson whose character bio according to MyAnimeList is “The fifth girl who was raped, she is lesbian and a miko.” (That biography is completely inaccurate since she wasn’t fifth.) Daryl was previously a guest on their podcast; for links to that as well as all of our other guest appearances on other podcasts, refer to the “Guest Spots” link at the top of the page.

In the emails, we end up talking about Infinite Ryvius and somehow BLASTER KNUCKLE~!, which prompts the question “do we even need to review Blaster Knuckle now?” You already know everything you need to know based on what was said about it here! We also mention this Yotsuba&! Photoshop on moe (featuring a more different manga about manga than what we reviewed this episode).

On the subject of Kingyo Used Books: Volume 1 and Volume 2 are currently available for sale, and you can read sample chapters from each volume as well as Volume 3 via the Viz SigIkki website.

Oh, we almost forgot: Bob from Pittsburgh made this logo for us! Well, not so much FOR us so much as practice for himself, but we’ve decided we would steal it and maybe start using it for publicity things someday. Thoughts?

Unlike our current logo, this was not created by us in MS Paint in 5 minutes.
Unlike our current logo, this was not created by us in MS Paint in 5 minutes.

Bonus – Stroking the Pewter Wizard at Genericon 2011

We didn’t record anything over the weekend at Genericon 2011, but fortunately the other podcasters in attendance were more diligent! We sat down for an interview with the Reverse Thieves for their podcast, The Speakeasy.

The full show notes are located at the Anime3000 website. The following picture should have been included in the MP3 itself, but it was not. IN THAT CASE:

It makes sense in context.

Special thanks to Evan Minto from Ani-Gamers for making this all possible…for better or for worse! The recording is a bit noisy, but if you listen closely you can hear special commentary from Noah from the Ninja Consultants and James the Angry Otaku.